What did you do over the weekend.. as for me, I was over at Sungei Wang Plaza to check out their inaugural ‘Toy Collectors Exhibition’ from Big Boys Toys Private Collection that happened over the weekend on 25th and 26th March 2017, since it all sounded so just interesting and fascinating…


Following the successful toys and hobbies themed events and activities at Sungei Wang Plaza such as the Anime Fiesta and KL Comic Week in 2016, the Superheroes Comic Art Fair 2017 was the first toys and hobbies themed event..


The inaugural Toy Collectors Exhibition was an additional exciting attraction for shoppers and avid toys and hobbies enthusiasts for a chance to admire the more than 200 over rare and limited edition collectibles ranging from various Superhero Characters, Prince of Persia, Indiana Jones, Lara Croft, DC Universe Classic collection, Star Wars, Japanese Manga Action Figurines, Aliens, Predator, Harry Potter, Weapons Replica, etc, etc, etc… there were just so many of it…

My daughter was just so amazed looking at all the rare figurines.. and whats more there was even a Stormtrooper around and another weird looking local self acclaimed ‘superhero’ who was kinda displeased when people ignored him…

Aside from private collectors, local toys and hobbies group like Star Wars Fanboyz Malaysia, Malaysia Figure Community, Uncle Liang The Recycle Modeller, Sen Mairu Collectibles, Dreamz Toy, Toyztactic, Castle Brimstone, Shioktoys, Primo Collectibles and Planet M-78 took the time to showcase their collections at the exhibition…

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It was definitely a not to be missed event for toys and model enthusiasts….

There was also a Toy and Collectibles Auction where all visitors were welcomed to participate, where the rare figurines and exclusive toys from Star Wars live action statues, DC Universe classic collection, Marvel’s legend action figure, MC Farlene and Transformers… Bidders had a chance to bring home those rarely prized collectibles that were so exclusive and hard to find anywhere else… there was also a lucky draw with mystery prizes of RM5,000 given away….

For more info on upcoming events and promotions at Sungei Wang Plaza, do visit  or   for all kinds of everything….

For more pics, click here



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