Hola April! How time flies, in just a few blinks, it’s already the 4th month of the year…  This is the month HABIB, Malaysia’s premier home grown jeweller and industry leader celebrates the diamond by taking this year’s Diamond Fest to the next level.

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2017 happens to also be the 18th year that HABIB celebrate its annual Diamond Fest campaign and well, isn’t it just so appropriate when April’s birthstone is none other then the diamond….

So, with this HABIB is kicking off their promotion with a month long campaign (1st – 30th April 2017) at all HABIB showrooms across Malaysia.  Isn’t this just great news to those of you, fine gentlemen who are finding the moment to propose to that special lady in your life, or for you ladies, who want to get yourself a rare treat and indulge in some sparkly or perfectly cut diamonds…

Since the numbers of HABIB Diamond Fest followers has grown tremendously, HABIB decided to do two launching sessions for the campaign, one especially for the media and one for its valued guests and customers.

So, do not miss out on the breathtaking exhibition which is currently being held at Suria KLCC Centre Court from the until the 9th April 2017.

You will be among the first to see HABIB’s latest jewellery collection, and feel your breath catch…it is just sheer magnificence.

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I know I was mesmerized with the Arowana diamond collection which is inspired by the shiny scales of the elegant Arowana, a fish that is perceived to be high of value and has a body covered by large scales that shows a radiant glow when seen underwater. The Arowana collection consists of white, rose and yellow gold jewellery inlaid with diamonds.


Don’t you like this gorgeous bracelet I have on… it is actually quite surprisingly reasonable.. errr… I mean, more reasonable then I expect it to be…

The Evo collection is another exciting new addition by HABIB for Diamond Fest this year that consists of rings and bangles all encrusted with diamonds and uniquely shaped which gives it a modern and futuristic look.

A continuing trend, the rose gold collection is a collection dedicated just for the rose gold paramours.

The Favourable collection is just the right fit for those looking for a simple yet graceful and elegant jewellery.

To complement the gentlemen, HABIB’s Men’s collection is specially designed consisting of diamond rings in silver palladium casing and would surely shine more than its worth.

 To top it all, HABIB’s exclusive partnering brand, Hearts on Fire, showcased their most recent Triplicity collection inspired by their Director of Design, Ilaria Lanzoni.


Taking place at the KLCC centre court at Concourse level, HABIB’s Managing Director and founder of Diamond Fest, Dato’ Sri Meer Habib says, “The theme for this year’s Diamond Fest is ‘Unique Like A Star’. We all know that everyone is different in their own way, and that is what makes each one of us unique. HABIB wants to celebrate this and what better way to do it than with a campaign that showcase the most elegant gemstone of all, the diamond, whereby each diamond is unique and has its own characteristics. All our diamonds are cut with precision and accuracy to simulate the sparkle of a shining star”

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Deborah Henry was the last puzzle piece to complete HABIB’s ‘Unique like a Star’ vision.


When she made her appearance, walking down the runway, the audience definitely could feel their breath catch at both her loveliness as well as the brilliance and elegance of the jewellery all on her…


Deborah had a pretty unique hairstyle done up with diamond jewellery, representing her unique personality and I just bet, that must be one of the most expensive hairdo in the world…

Being of Irish and Indian decent with a Malaysian background, the lovely Deborah Henry has been perusing her very own passion and carrying it as she travels around the world, which she now carries with HABIB.

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Following Deborah on stage was 6 elegant models all accessorised with HABIB’s Diamond collections. The 6 models went through two rounds on the runway and each round showcased a different set of collection. The event wrapped with a press conference with Dato’ Sri Meer Habib and photography session by the media.

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Diamond Fest is HABIB’s sincerest way to share the beauty of diamonds with every individual and this launch event is a reminder of our sense of uniqueness in which every person is distinctive, exceptional and beautiful, so take this opportunity to celebrate with diamond jewellery at all HABIB showrooms nationwide during HABIB Diamond Fest from now – 1st to 30th April 2017.

Thank you HABIB for having me over… for more details, do head over to your nearest HABIB showroom  or check out www.habibjewels.com


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