I was over at The Starling Mall in Damansara Uptown for the first time on invite to check out the new MBO Cinemas, and I was so totally blown away by the experience…


You might have thought this was just your regular cinema, and guess what, so did I and boy, was I so mistaken… the new MBO Cinemas come featuring three unique viewing concepts: MBO Kecil, MBO Big Screen, and MBO Premier and another out of this world experience , the MBO MX4D…

Mariam Yazmin El Bacha, Director of Operations, who brought us around the cinema halls said, “We are happy to announce that this new concept will allow urban audiences to choose how they want to view a movie. They could either bring the whole family, indulge in a luxurious setting with a loved one or have a more experiential journey with state-of-the-art technology”

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The first hall we entered was the MBO Premier hall which was embellished with details that provide for a luxurious setting, including a reclining sofa leather chair and leg rest… and a movable table facing a wall to wall screen….think of the business class seat in a plane… it is somewhat similar…. And you will probably fall asleep in comfort if the movie is too boring…. Heheheh…..

Families will love the MBO Kecil, a concept hall that serves as a dedicated space catering to parents and their children from all ages and sizes. Why did they not have this when I was small, or when my kids were younger… huhuhu……


Can you imagine a playground in a cinema… with a slide and all.. yeah.. this is it…and yes, there is the Kecil Sofabed, bean bags and super comfy seats, and a softly lighted environment… MBO is definitely pioneering the effort to change the way that families interact at the movies. MBO Kecil will allow kids to run free and play to their heart’s content while enjoying their best-loved films and be forewarned it is going to be a little noisy in there, as there is no ‘Shhhhh’ allowed in this cinema dedicated to kiddies…

For the more initiated movie fans, MBO Big Screen has been equipped with state-of-the-art technology courtesy of a recent partnership with BARCO. Their flagship laser RGB projector, the first of its kind in Malaysia, brings advanced image quality to the big screen with outstanding brightness, high contrast, and superior colour performance. The new borderless screen with almost three and a half stories high and wide is set to be one of the biggest in the country and is coupled with DOLBY ATMOS’s rich, realistic sound system… it is definitely an amazing experience watching your movie here.…

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For the adventurous and adrenaline junkies, be sure to check out the MBO MX4D hall that comes with Actuator Seats that can replicate movement on screen to the individuals watching. 1st in Malaysia, this unique feature allows you to experience what is projected on screen, for example, if there is rain, the audience will feel that experience as well.


Think Sunway Lagoon’s Waterplexx, or Shrek Castle in Universal Studio , or Disneyland’s Honey I Shrunk the Kids and you know what I mean… you will feel movements, something brushing your feet, your neck, a gust of wind, scent of roses or smoke etc… and if someone or something sneezes….. hahahah…. It is an amazing experience and the price is simply amazing too… at only RM20….

Naturally it goes without saying you can enjoy the customary popcorn and soda, although MBO is breaking tradition even on this front with its introduction of Cafecito – a unique coffeehouse themed concession stand serving fancy beverages and light snacks, pies, pastries, Danish… etc..

Ok now.. time to plan my next visit there with my kiddo… I swear she would so love the MBO MX4D experience…..

Do check out MBO’s website at www.mbocinemas.com


    • come on down to Damansara Utama / Uptown ( Petaling Jaya ), this area got budget hotels & eateries all over the place !!! you won’t regret it !!


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