Yours truly was one of the invited media that was over at NU Sentral, the transumer /transit consumer lifestyle mall in Malaysia where we got the opportunity to try out some pretty delicious offerings from some of the participating outlets…


pic credit to NU Sentral FB page

We even got to take our Uber rides there to the NU Sentral Shopping Centre for free, sponsored generously by Uber and given a passport where we got the carte blanche to explore the 8 storey shopping mall and stop to eat at the participating F&B outlets…

What else.. we got into a small group of 4 and headed off to some outlets to indulge ourselves or was it more to gorging ourselves silly with the irresistibly yummy offerings… which was also kind of like taking my tastebuds on a ‘mini around the world tour’


My team headed to Dolly Dim Sum, the modern and adorable interpretation of a traditional Chinese teahouse which offered the most delicate and exquisitely made halal dim sum..

We were given a selection of what we could order and I had the Set A – which consisted of  my favorite ‘Har Gao’ Dumpling generously filled with prawns… and the Yam Croquette which was just so lacey and filled with diced flavoured meat, mushroom and peas… sheer perfection…. 


Our second stop was at La Cucur, which serves up some of the most tastiest local Malay traditional kuih and delicacies from the different states within Malaysia.. You can find a wide variety of local favorites here from Nasi Tomato, Laksa Utara, Mee Rebus etc.. etc..


My little team decided to order a few things to share.. so we ordered some traditional kuih, a teh tarik, some cucur udang /prawn fritters and a plate of roti jala with curry chicken and started nibbling….


Our third stop was at La Juiceria where they serve up some cold-pressed juice, preserving the nutrients and flavor of raw fruits and vegetables… there are no added preservatives, color or flavor added in and they are just so healthy and perfect for detoxing or for a pick me up to reboot your body….


I had me a Mint Lemonade made from lemon, mint, wildflower honey and alkaline water… 


Our next stop was at B.Bap Korean Food, where they served up halal Korean food with a  modern fusion twist. It was of course the perfect place to indulge in my Korean food cravings and reminisce of the time I was in Korea…


We ordered the Dol Sot Bi Bim Bap Octopus, some Soon Dubu Jjigae Seafood and Seafood Pancake and shared it among us… the food was just lovely.. I am so coming back for more…


We then headed to Cafe Coffee Day, and tried guessing where the coffee shop was from and got it all wrong, as we muse between Italy, France, Korea and even Taiwan… This coffee shop is actually one of India’s favorite shop for the young and young at heart…

We ordered our drinks.. a pineapple mango smoothie for my friend, a bubble gum splash for me and some hot chocolate for another friend… the pineapple mango smoothie was lovely.. the hot chocolate was also pretty yummy.. but I found the bubble gum splash a bit too sweet but it definitely tasted and reminded me of my favorite bubble gum when I was little…

My last stop before I surrendered because I was just sooooo stuffed and because I had something else on was at Franco.. Franco is a very interesting casual dining restaurant  serving up a fusion of French-Japanese dishes and desserts..

They had an amazing menu of course, but since I was too full, I settled for the irresistible desserts… We ordered the Cookie & Cream Parfait made from Oreos blended with chocolate cake… with soft serve vanilla ice cream on top drizzled with chocolate syrup and topped with bananas….. seriously decadent…, the Franco French Toast -which is an absolute must have.. it is just so sinfully good.. and an Ice Matcha Latte with Softee made from some steamed milk with Superior  Japanese Matcha and topped with Matcha soft serve ice cream … this tastes strongly of matcha… so unless you are a fan of green tea, you might find this a bit too strong… It was just nice for me…

After Franco, I was so, so done… some of the other outlets that participated were Aroma Village, PappaRich, Teh Tarik Place, The Chicken Rice Shop, Hoagies Hauz, Kenny Rogers Roasters, the Manhattan Fish Market, Paddington House of Pancakes, BUILT Custom Burgers, DubuYo, Sushi Tei, Secret Recipe, The Gravy Factory and also Milkshake Factory….


It was definitely a great experience and we had a great time thanks to NU Sentral and to all our hosts that fed us all those sumptuous delights..

For more pictures, be sure to check out the hashtags #NUturns3 and #NUnomnomnom on Instagram.. and

By they way, don’t you hate it when you are trying to find a car park in the mall… So why not just grab an Uber there…
Uber is working closely with NU Sentral to improve your shopping experience. By getting to NU Sentral with Uber, you actually do not have to stress yourself up looking for parking and worry about exorbitant car park fees, ok, I am kidding.. actually it is not that expensive to park in NU Sentral.. there are many far more exorbitant car parks around KL… and just enjoy yourself shopping or dining with friends/partner. With fewer cars roaming around the car park, it also means less congestion on the road…
So consider the option of using Uber when heading to NU Sentral to shop or to try out the restaurants.






  1. NU Sentral has been my favourite hang out place since it opened three years ago. Dolly Dim Sum has been one of my main refuelling points. After reading your post, I need to explore other eating options.


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