If you consider yourself a foodie and find pleasure in trying different and delicious food or if you like enjoy a good deal on meals, you really have to download the Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan / JJCM app…


The Jalan- Jalan Cari Makan app was officially launched at Jibby East, in Gombak recently with some awesome new functions that will definitely give any food lover or foodie a unique experience.

Inspired by long running and famous TV3 travel and food program, Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan, users can find interesting information on great places to eat which has been visited by the team from Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan.. and of course, it comes in super handy and can potentially save fellow Malaysians from a major problem… the problem of deciding where to go and eat…


The improved JJCM app comes with new and interesting functions such as discounts and offers given by restaurants and eateries all over the country with the collaboration with Offpeak… Can you believe that some of these offers are up to 70 percent at selected restaurants highlighted at the ‘Offpeak Deals’ area which will be updated on a daily basis…


For your information, Offpeak is the largest restaurant discovery and dining privileges platfor in South East Asia whose aspiration is to deliver superior customer experience and restaurant partner value…

The Offpeak Deals are of course, not to be missed as they actually can afford the app users huge savings while indulging in great food.. so isn’t that like heaven sent… like who can resist great food and especially getting to save some money in our current and worsening economic situation…

Another function JJCM app would be the reservations function, also a collaboration between Media Prima Digital and Offpeak. This simplifies things for users at certain restaurants as if you use this function, then you do not have to queue or wait longer to indulge in your favorite dishes. All that needs to be done is to choose the restaurant you want to dine in, key in your telephone number, date of visit, time and how many people who will be visiting and wait for the restaurant booking confirmation that will be sent to you via email.. all this with no additional extra charges….


The JJCM app has actually been around for quite a while since it was actually introduced to users end of 2015, and up to now, it is boasting 250 thousand downloads…

Each registered user can also upload comments and suggestions about the restaurant they have visited as a way to interact with other users as well…this is the app for food lovers and foodies to interact and dedicated to other food lovers and foodies.

There is also a nearby search function that enable users to see the list of restaurants that is close to their GPS location, like for example, if you are in the Damansara area, the nearby search function will show JJCM’s choice of eateries around the Damansara radius..


The JJCM app is not only limited to places visited by the production team of the Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan show only, but includes interesting eateries suggested by the public and visited by the JJCM app editorial team.

 For example, for the first time, there was a JJCM app food trail trip in the state of Terengganu which recently where the editorial team of the JJCM app, along with members of the media and selected bloggers went around Terengganu, trying out interesting modern dishes as well as traditional delights in the East Peninsula Malaysia state

And so, you really should download JJCM app which is available free at the Apple Store and Google Playstore..

At the same time, there is the  #SeringgitSeribuKebaikan campaign which will be starting on the 1st of May 2017.  #SeringgitSeribuKebaikan translated means ‘ one ringgit for a thousand good purpose ‘… this campaign is to encourage fellow Malaysians to share and donate a small amount, which can be RM1, RM3. RM5 and RM10 which will be used to treat 4 selected charity homes this coming Ramadan.

With the #SeringgitSeribuKebaikan, the special kids and orphans from the home will get to enjoy a special food spread prepared by 20 selected restaurants and food trucks. Each of the selected charity home will receive meals for the breaking of fast for 5 days, every Monday to Friday for the 4 weeks of Ramadan.

On top of that, the #SeringgitSeribuKebaikan squad from Media Prima Digital will be heading to Terengganu Darul Iman and Johor Darul Takzim to deliver the collection from the campaign to two selected charity homes there, on the 3rd and 10th of June 2017.

Do your part and donate to your ability through the JJCM app or via Mamee Double Decker will also be generously donating Mamee products to these homes… the #SeringgitSeribuKebaikan campaign will be happening throughout the month of May 2017.


  1. good to know about this new apps. as a food hunter like me, this apps will ease my day to solve a problem of deciding where to go and eat. the best part is there is a reservation function with no extra charge. definitely will dw this apps now.


  2. Hola Angela, en formato lipstick así, no hay de larga duración en Catrice, y dendienepdo del tono duran aprox 3 horas (los más oscuros duran un poco más) Existen unos que son como plumones pero no hay en tono naranjo, solo rosaditos que duran un tiempo más. Es bien complicado encontrar este tono en marcas más baratas y que duren. Si quieres hacer una inversión con un labial de alta duración y con colores lindos te recomiendo que vayas por los YSL que duran un montón.


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