Have you seen what’s cooking at Tony Roma’s…  It sure is smoking fabulous and super irresistible!


Imagine some fresh and succulent meat slowly cooking over an open pit, with the juices dripping off it.. and lovingly coated with some of the best smokey sauces.. Just the thought of it makes my mouth water… and that is what that is happening at Tony Roma’s every day… but right now, you should also check out the latest indulgence and find out why Tony Roma’s Is Smokin’!


From now up until to 28th May 2017, this world famous hangout place for ribs, steaks and other time-honored favorites innovates this time around with its latest campaign focused on the great, on-trend flavor of smoke infused into its menu items. You can satiate your palate with the smokey flavor specially innovated from the grilling method and ingredients used in the food menu as well as beverages.


We were there to indulge our appetite and pamper our taste buds recently, beginning with a unique appetizer – the Avocado Fries with Cilantro Lime Sauce – which is basically delicious fresh avocado wedges fried crispy with roasted tomatoes and cilantro lime sauces at only RM14.90*.

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For chicken lovers, do not miss the Smokey Chicken Skewers, comprising three skewers of grilled chicken and vegetables basted with Smokey BBQ sauce and served with mushroom rice & vegetable medley at RM31.90*.

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The Smokey Beef Ribs & Chicken Skewer Combo, a combination of two Beef Ribs brushed with Smokey BBQ sauce and two skewers of grilled chicken accompanied by vegetables basted with Smokey BBQ sauce, is served with loaded mashed potatoes and vegetable medley. Smokey meat lovers can enjoy this perfect combination at only RM59.90*.

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 Moving on to Tony Roma’s signature seafood item, the Lobster, Shrimp Pasta & Hickory Grilled Blue Hake Fish Platter is to die for, and at only RM159.90* , you get a perfectly cooked fresh lobster blended with succulent Shrimp Scampi Pasta and grilled Blue Hake fish topped with BBQ butter, served with mushroom rice, french fries and vegetable medley. This perfect dish is great for sharing and will definitely take your breath away. I love this… truly, madly, deeply….

Be sure not to miss out on Tony Roma’s Tropical Sensations’ mocktails at only RM11.55* each; the Bahama Mamaa blend of refreshing Pina colada mixed with orange and pineapple juice, Pineapple Sunrisea sweet and sour mixed of pineapple and orange juice, and the Tropical Orange Freeze – a mixture of Pina colada mix blend with orange juice.

Do also try the Pina Strawberry Swirla Pina colada swirl with strawberry topped with crushed pineapple -this is my favorite… it is so super yummy…. – and Pina Mango Swirl – a Pina Colada swirl with mango topped with crushed pineapple at RM17.91* each.  For those who prefer to have the original, there’s always the original Pina Colada – Pina Colada mix blend with pineapple juice topped with crushed pineapple at RM15.79*.

 Tony Roma’s Is Smokin’ is currently available daily including weekends and public holidays. The offer is not applicable with any other on-going promotions, discounts, vouchers and offers.

 *All prices are quoted in Ringgit Malaysia, inclusive of 6% GST and applicable to 10% service charge.

For more information about Tony Roma’s, visit


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