Hello my dear readers…  first of all, thank you so much for dropping by and taking the time to read my posts…

So, what have you been doing for the weekend, though whatever it is I hoped you had a great time like I did…


For me, I was over at Sunway Lagoon for the inaugural AQUA Run in the wee hours of the morning…. It was a “fun run” featuring six exhilarating fun zones along with almost a thousand others!

The AQUA Run was to encourage more Malaysians to venture outdoors and experience a fun and exciting day of activity together with their friends and families, in line with Sunway Lagoon’s reputation as a one-stop fun destination in creating memorable moments.

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We gathered at Malaysia’s Largest Man-made Sandy Surf Beach where the morning kicked-off with blowing the Vuvuzela, and a quick 15-minute Zumba warm-up session…

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Then my daughter and me and the other runners took their positions at the starting line, where they were greeted with a “cold shower” just as the race began with Splash Attack where we had had to brave the pulsating rotating sprinklers….before arriving at the Puddles Mattress where keeping our balance going through the spongy holes was definitely a huge challenge and a laugh….

It was certainly a day filled with plenty of thrills and spills as the runners made their way across some of the park’s most iconic attractions, including climbing up the Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon and coming down the stairs before we reached the next designated fun zone…

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It was a whole load of fun as my daughter and I, and all the other runners encountered unexpected surprises and interesting challenges, like having to put our climbing skills to test while they try to reach the peak of the Climb & Slide..


Once we manage to pass through that obstacle, we had to fight off the rag tag zombie pirate crew who did everything they can to spray us, throw buckets of water at us or water balloons at us….


Then we had to squeeze their way through the Wall Diving only to be shock or surprised by the zombie pirate waiting in the corner…

The final stop was at the Water Disco Hut near the Malicove Pool, where runners were thoroughly washed and rinsed amidst colourful lights and music, and made to dance before being allowed to race towards the finish line.

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Before proceeding for a fun-filled time at the remainder of the park, all runners proudly took home medals for their outstanding efforts after a wet and wild time at the AQUA Run . The day came to a close with a Bubble Music Celebration, a bubble-filled concert at the Surf Beach’s Giant Canopy….


For more information, do check out . Meanwhile, thanks for your continuous support and see you soon….

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