Being a kid at heart, there is nothing more fun then heading to a theme park occasionally… and well, why not.. it is a fun and somewhat affordable destination and great for families as well.. it is where you can just shrug off all those worries and stresses, let your inner child out, run, scream, laugh, climb, slide, get wet etc….


And I have to say that two of my favorites are none other then the Sunway Lagoon Theme Park and the Lost World of Tambun, Ipoh.. if you have been to either parks or both parks, you will know why…


And Sunway Theme Parks has just launched the Ultimate Pass that will enable us visitors unfettered access to two of Malaysia’s iconic theme parks – Sunway Lagoon and Lost World Of Tambun, Ipoh. Yeay… how amazing that is.. now anyone can now experience the best of both worlds with Sunway Theme Parks’ (STP) all-new Ultimate Pass and of course, what else.. I just had to be the first to get my hands on it.. hahahah… at least I am vain enough to think so, lol

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The introduction of the Ultimate Pass also coincides with the upcoming mid-year school holidays, providing parents with the ideal solution of organising fun and exciting activities for their children without compromising on wholesome family bonding.


“The Ultimate Pass will provide unlimited access to all the fun and educational activities in Sunway Lagoon and Lost World Of Tambun. This is truly the ultimate way to experience everything that the two theme parks have to offer, while bonding with family and friends,” said Mr. Calvin Ho, Senior General Manager of STP, during his speech.


With over 90 attractions and six unique adventure zones, Sunway Lagoon attracts more than 1.5 million visitors each year. From the Water Park which features the world’s biggest funnel ride, Vuvuzela, to Asia’s first-ever Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon, Sunway Lagoon offers a great variety of experiences to choose from – which is why it is regarded as “Asia’s Best Attraction”.

Families can spend their day exploring over 150 species of wildlife from all over the world at the Wildlife Park or enjoy a spine-tingling immersive horror experience at the Scream Park -scream baby, scream, look that’s that zombie coming after you….. Adrenaline junkies and adventure enthusiasts will be able to enjoy the many activities at the Extreme Park, like bungee jumping, catapult launching and other extreme outdoor sports – must gather my nerves to try this one fine day…. yeah… must find that fine day first yaa… hahaha


Meanwhile, the Lost World Of Tambun in Ipoh is the ultimate day and night destination, and widely regarded as Malaysia’s premiere action and adventure family holiday destination.

This ultimate family getaway provides hours of non-stop fun, featuring the longest Adventure River in Malaysia, a thrilling Tiger Valley with rare Siberian tigers, plus a Petting Zoo, where children and adults can interact with a large variety of animals in their natural habitat, my daughter and I miss Ruby – the raccoon, and her friends…

Anddddd….  once the sun sets, did you know the Lost World can transforms into a carnival-like atmosphere where visitors can soak in the backdrop of lush tropical jungles and 400-million-year-old limestone features, or simply choose to pamper themselves at the Hot Springs & Spa. This I swear is my hubby’s favorite… next to the sumptuous curry mee sold there…

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The all-new Ultimate Pass is just amazing as it allows multiple entries to both theme parks on any day of the week, enabling card holders to experience the best of these iconic theme parks and unlock hours of ultimate fun…


In conjunction with the launch, STP is introducing the Ultimate Pass at a promotional price of only RM350 (Malaysians) / RM550 (non-Malaysians), for a limited time until 21 May 2017. The normal retail price of the Ultimate Pass is at RM388 (Malaysians) and RM588 (non-Malaysians) respectively.


Alrighty then, cutiemonkee, baby girl… get your bags packed.. on the first weekend of the school holidays we are heading to the Lost World of Tambun and on the 2nd weekend, we can head to Sunway Lagoon…. And yes, my dear readers, you really need to get your Ultimate Pass for the most ultimate thrills ASAP…

For more information on the all-new Ultimate Pass, visit



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