How to Stop Dreaming and Start Traveling

Are there any places on the Earth that you dream to visit? How long have you been dreaming about it? When you watch films about different cities or hear stories about people who travel around the world, does it cause some sense of envy in you?

Have you ever had the thought: “Oh, I would like to be in such a place?”. Do you realize that it is easy to turn your dream into reality? Your dreams are not just fantasies. Here are some tips that may help turn your dreams into reality. If you want to date a Ukrainian girl, some of these tips would come in handy because girls from Ukraine really love to travel.

Define your desires

How many times you have read articles with titles like “25 Best Beaches in the World” or “The Most Exotic Places on the Planet”, seen colorful photos and imagined yourself visiting those beaches and those places. However, just dreaming about it will not bring you anything but melancholy. You really need to sit down, think carefully and deal with your desires. What kind of travel attracts you the most? What would you love to see, learn, and experience? Which route would you chose if that journey was the last one in your life?

Choose one place that interests you the most and start working hard to achieve it. This is much more then just musing about “traveling somewhere and someday”.

Don’t just give the excuse that you have to work hard

This reason is often mentioned by lots of people. But those who travel around the world will never say such words.

But what if you really have a lot of work? First of all, you should understand that you work only for yourself. And the likelihood is, you are not planning your work and life properly. You should learn to plan your work. When you plan your work properly, you will ind that you do have some free time. You can buy a ticket right now and go on vacation.

Your employer and your work schedule should not be an excuse.. Because when someone wants something, you will plan it and achieve it. The true problems that need to be solved are your stupid decisions taken earlier, and your weak character.

Don’t say that you have no money

You can always earn money. Of course, it is an important component of a successful trip but if your desire for travel is strong enough, then you can find money for its implementing. And, probably, you will need much less than you expect. In fact, a strong desire to travel is a great motivation to earn more money.

Don’t say that you have no time

You have exactly the same amount of time as any other person, including those who travel around the world. It is pointless to talk about the lack of time. It is much more correct to say that your desire to travel is not strong enough. Travelers have no more hours in a day but they have great desire and their priorities differ from yours. Stop wasting time on stupid things and you will have a lot of free time for travel.

Don’t say that your wife/husband doesn’t allow you

There is no problem. Just tell your wife or husband that you want to do it anyway. If your other half have problems with this, you shouldn’t just give in to all that he or she wants. If you want to travel but your spouse doesn’t want to – then just go without him/her. If you just agree with everything in favor of your relationship, and sacrifice your own wants and needs, then you will be filling your own heart with plenty of resentment. Do you want such a relationship? Besides, everyone needs a little time away from each other sometimes… it makes the heart fonder…

Don’t turn yourself into an astronaut

Many people think traveling to another country is as dangerous as going to another planet. They think that it is so difficult, expensive and that it requires some incredible strength training and money. That is absolutely not true. Today it is easy, safe and fast due to the achievements of civilization. You don’t need years of training, millions of dollars and a space suit. You only need to decide to make a move.

So plan your life properly, and go ahead and travel….


2 thoughts on “How to Stop Dreaming and Start Traveling

  1. I agree with this points. In my own point of view, we really need to travel at least once in a while because we need to take a break from our crazy world.


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