Taste Quality at Jaya Grocer’s Taste New Zealand Food Fair..

If you love quality, honest products that comprises of an irresistible range of artisanal treats, guilt- free chocolates, premium New Zealand apples and kiwifruits , like I do, you will be pleased to know what the inimitable Taste New Zealand Food Fair is back and will be held in all Jaya Grocer outlets from now up till 21st May 2017.


Organized by New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, Taste New Zealand will be offering over 150 New Zealand products at the fair with 30 new exclusive products featured…

Customers who spend RM50 or more in a single receipt at Jaya Grocer Taste New Zealand can redeem an exclusive 60th Anniversary themed shopping bag and enter  lucky draw contest where the grand prize winner will receive RM888 worth of New Zealand products..


New Zealand food and beverages are safe and sustainably- produced. The natural environment, climate and clean air are ideal for all kind of production from horticulture to seafood and farming…


Yours truly had a fun time with some blogger pals yesterday when we had a little ‘treasure hunt’ in the Starling’s Jaya Grocer…


We were given a question sheet with 5 questions and we had to find the products that best fit the description/ question in less then 10 minutes around the supermarket…


Pic credit to Betty Liew


It certainly was a great workout as we ran through the aisles trying to decide the answer… and guess what… my partner, Betty and I won…


Among the items we had to find was Anlene Heart-Plus, which was recently launched in March 2017, the only high calcium milk in Malaysia with dual action formula that supports greater mobility with MoveMax and heart health with HeartMax…


Then there was the Collective, New Zealand’s leading gourmet yogurt brand which was founded by two chefs, Angus Allan and Ofer Shenhav. With catchy names such as Pink Lemonade, Sassy Strawberry  and Fig n Ginger, the probiotic yogurt is fun, slightly edgy and undeniably approachable by inidviduals of all age ranges…


I was just excited when one of the products we had to find was New Zealand’s primary chocolate brand Whittaker’s  new artisanal variety – the Fijian Ginger and Kerikeri Mandarin.. after all, who does not know Whittaker’s sinfully irresistible chocolates….

Then there was the adorable and cute miniature ‘high quality’ apples, Rockit, that is just so deliciously sweet, bright red in colour and has a juicy crisp crunch…

Then there was the Proper Hand Cooked Crisps from Nelson, New Zealand…that is just made from Potatoes, High Oleic Sunflower Oil and Sea Salt or other original flavors… truly irresistible…


Do be sure to check  and add any or all the above products to your basket … and how can you say no to Kapiti ice cream, Griffin’s biscuits and so on….


For more info, be sure to check out  www.nzte.govt.nz


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