Cuit-cuit Rasa

Among the many places I go and indulge in, there is no denying that the dishes at Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur’s Melting Pot is one of my favorites…. And well now you also can delight in every bite starting from May 27 till June  24, when you choose to break fast and  enjoy the myriad of kampung style dishes along with their all time favourites there…

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Aptly themed ‘Cuit-Cuit Rasa’, Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur Melting Pot’s chefs are sharing their own favorite recipes as well as their best family recipes.

Ikan Cencaru Sumbat Sambal Kelapa - Chef Rogayah

We can savour their favourite Ramadan delights and indulge in interesting new additions such as the gulai urat belimbing buluh, gulai rusa dengan ubi kayu, rendang nangka muda, ayam kampung masak merah berkerisik, udang galah sambal giling dengan terung pipit, ikan cencaru sumbat sambal kelapa and steamed black mussel with creamy tarragon and few others.

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Naturally you should not miss out on popular kampong style all time favorites such as their bubur lambuk,  sup gearbox tulang rawan, roasted whole lamb with the finest herbs and spices with special briyani rice, kari kepala ikan Penang, siput sedut masak lemak pucuk muda, asam pedas ekor lembu, pajeri nenas, puyuh goreng berempah, pais udang dengan serunding kelapa, daging masak merah, paru goreng berjintan, sambal tumis udang dengan petai and more.

Apart from traditional delicacies, savour delicious chicken pratel, lamb kurma with potato, butter prawn with salted egg, steamed whole fish with tom yam sauce, steamed black mussel with creamy tarragon.


And noodles lovers should really NOT miss out on the Concorde Laksa… it is super yummy… one of the best I have tasted… and I REALLY would eat it twice or even thrice if I had space in my stomach….

Psst… a little bird told me that the GM took his time to go around trying all the curry laksas there was before getting the best one for the chef to emulate…

Missing out on the crowd’s favorite teppanyaki station would be a crying shame.. as you can actually choose your favorite seafood or meat and have the chef cook it a la minute and cover the dish with your choice of sauce… I had a hard time choosing from the three available sauces for my teppanyaki seafood so I left it to the chef you slathered the garlic butter sauce on it.. and oh it was so yummy..

Lempeng Pisang & Onde-onde

For desserts, do not miss out on the onde onde (kuih buah Melaka) and lempeng pisang made on the spot. Traditional kuih tepung talam, tepung pelita, bingka ubi, kole kacang, seri muka and kuih tako are must-haves for breaking of fast.

I could not resist all those sweet desserts that included  bread and butter pudding, pengat durian with pulut, assorted French pastries and specialty cakes.

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There will be four daily rotation menus and well prepare to get serenaded by  resident strollers Begema 5 who will entertain you with soothing music all night long (performance begins at 8.00 pm).


‘Cuit-Cuit Rasa’ Buffet Dinner (7.00 pm – 10.30 pm)

Price :  RM148.00 nett per person

Do not miss out on the Special Offer!

*15% Discount on first five days of Ramadan (May 27 – 31) and  last three days (June 22 – 24)

*15% Discount every Sunday 

Buffet Supper ‘Sahur’ (every Friday, Saturday & eve of public holiday)

A special buffet supper spread awaits… For those who wish to have their ‘sahur’ (pre-dawn meal), swing by for some good food. The buffet which starts from 11.00 pm till 5.00 am offers local favourites like bubur lambuk, mee mamak, nasi lemak, teochew porridge, roti canai, sandwiches with various fillings, pengat durian special and more. Buffet supper is priced at RM80.00 nett per person.

For reservations, call Melting Pot directly at 2717 2233 (direct line). Any enquiries for private events, do email to fbkl@concorde.net.

Address – 2, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur




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