According to WIKIPEDIA, Mother’s Day is a celebration honoring the mother of the family, and that includes motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society… and that is what we do.

On a yearly basis I have always gave gifts as well as spend some time celebrating the ‘mothers’ in my blended family.. my mom, my mother in law, my husband’s mother in law – a very patient and awesome lady I aspire to be, my husband’s ex wife who is also god mother to my daughter – you must be frowning by now, but we have a pretty complicated but good relationship, and even my sister in law…


However, I am often the last people think about, except for perhaps my children and step children. Sad as it is I try to make people happy but do not get the perks.. lol..


This year when I was invited to the Sky Avenue to celebrate Mother’s Day, I jumped at the chance…yup, time to be selfish once in a while and put ‘me’ first..  oh don’t worry.. I have been dutiful enough to have given little gifts to my mother and mother in law in advance…

Our trip began at Wisma Genting where the few of us who were selected along with our ‘partner’ , those who have not gotten married brought their moms- of course, and those of us who had kids brought our child..


The van sent us to the new Awana Transport Hub where we got to board and experience the new Glass Floor Gondola Cable Car… which was pretty cool…

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Since it was a lovely morning or rather noon, we had a fun time seeing the lush vegetation and some buildings, even a peek at the Chin Swee temple pagoda, just right before the Chin Swee temple stop, which was pretty breathtaking…


There was just the right touch of mist to make it slightly mystical… A ride in the glass floor cable car means you can see right down under the cable car as well, just like a glass box… and it was certainly a fun experience.. though it might be scarier for those who are afraid of heights…


My daughter’s and my own verdict – we loved it to bits…. and think you really should indulge in it if you are not afraid of heights, love scenery etc…


… and psst… bring your hand phone cable… you can even charge your phone on the ride up or down… lol…


When we got to Sky Avenue – yep, the new cable car stops at Sky Avenue- we headed to our assigned restaurants, my daughter and me were given a chance to indulge our taste buds and stomach at Grandmama’s…


Grandmama’s serves authentic Malaysian food in a pretty minimalistic but cosy and comfortable ambience bathed in fuchsia pink and lavender purple… and of course, of Grandmama’s iconic grandma on a Harley Davidson – such a rocking cool grandma… heheh


At Grandmama’s I had and amazing feast consisting of a plate of Dry Fried Sang Har Egg Noodles, RM50.90, a signature dish there which combines crispy egg noodles and succulent freshwater prawns basked in a distinctively flavorful creamy egg gravy with prawn roe….


My mini me ordered a plate of Grandmama’s Nasi Lemak, RM21.90,  which came served with spicy sambal ikan bilis that tasted simply yummy, hard boiled egg, some acar and chicken curry … it was lip smacking good and my daughter just finished the whole plate…


Since both of us could not resist a tempting plate of Sambal Petai Prawns, RM42.90, we had a plate served up to nibble on… the sambal petai prawns is a definite must have if you like petai /stink beans / twisted cluster beans … the prawns are just fresh, succulent and they are stir fried with sambal… and the verdict… almost to die for…


For drinks, my daughter had a glass of Soya Cincau , RM9.50, while I treated myself to a nice cool glass of Strawberry Daiquiri, RM16.90 … I love the Strawberry Daiquiri.. it was not too sweet with just the right taste of strawberries..


We finished our lovely lunch with some dessert, of course, and I ordered a bowl of Air Batu Campur or ABC, RM10.90 which is basically shaved ice with an assortment of stuff on it… from red beans, cendol ribbons, lychee, cincau, sweet corn, rose syrup, peanut toppings and with a yummy durian ice cream on top – on request- It comes with a little jar of gula melaka/palm sugar syrup for you to add on….and you will find every mouthful delightful, but well.. also be prepared for some brain freeze… lol, since you are eating this 6000 feet above sea level and the weather is already quite cold…


A shout out for the Banana Fritters, RM14.90.. They deep fried a whole banana until it was really crispy, drizzle it with some honey and served it with some yummy vanilla ice cream/ chocolate ripple ice cream… it was just so good…I could almost order another one… but with all the food I ate I was practically falling into python mode ..

Note – Python mode means.. well, when you are so full you almost cannot move… like the snake after eating a huge meal… hehehe

Anyway, for more info on Grandmama’s please check out their Facebook Page

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After we finished our lunch, we headed out to check out Sky Avenue, since it was my first time there.

Sky Avenue is connected to the First World Hotel. For those who do not know it yet, Sky Avenue is a new mall designed for the younger generation, hipsters and young families with about 168 tenants – of which 70 are food and beverage.. so you can never be too spoiled for choice here…

Yup..I spotted KyoChon 1991 – or rather my mini me was the excited one to point it out to me, just after our heavy lunch… – Wanhoi Yamcha, Absolute Thai, Burger and Lobster, Din Tai Fung, Tonkatsu, Cafe Richard, Babajia, Tai Bae, Madam Kwan’s. Motorino, Acme Bar and Coffee, Tampopo, Dal.komm and loads more….

There are also retail outlets such as Muse by Watsons, Selectiv by SASA, Apple Store, Samsung store, Under Armour, Sketchers, Adidas, Body Shop, Padini Store etc, etc… just to name a few

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We were then surprised by a Flash Mob Performance, and mothers were given a little stalk of carnations by the Flash Mob with even YB Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun, the Deputy Minister of Women, Family and Community Development joining in…

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Then Resorts World Genting paid some recognition to some single moms and their kids by treating them to a good meal at the Resort Steamboat and a little outing to the Snow World, as well as presenting them with hampers..

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This was followed by a prize giving ceremony for a Video Message to Mum contest which was open to the public.. where members of the public came up with creative ways to wish their mom a Happy Mothers Day….

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The fun event ended with scrumptious Japanese treats for Hi Tea by well known cheese tart shop Tokyo Secret, yummy waffles from Madame Waffles, and irresistible takoyaki from Gindaco…

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There was also milk tea with pearls from Gong Cha, Chempedak ice cream from Inside Scoop and a tiny cute red velvet cupcake sampler from Just Heavenly..

It was surely a day full of food… and when I got home, I was just so knackered, I took my bath, slather on some night cream and crawled into bed, give in to my python mode….heheheh…


Anyway, you really cannot say that there is nothing to do or eat at Resorts World Genting.. there is just so much to see, do and eat… even while we are impatiently waiting for the completion and opening of the 20th Century Fox World Theme Park

Thank you Irene, Resorts World Genting for hosting us, and Grandmama’s for the yummy lunch…


Address – Genting Highlands Resort, 69000 Genting Highlands







  1. Grandmama really rocks it with her superbike. HAHAHA Been a while since I went to Genting. Can’t wait for the 20th Century theme park to be open!! Happy Mother’s Day to you Miera. Will see you shortly!


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