With Ramadan hurtling along , Hari Raya is already so near… and I realized to my horror that I have not yet completed my  Hari Raya shopping for the family… and since I just sent a close friend to the Subang Airport to catch her flight to Langkawi, I decided to stop by Citta Mall…

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For those who do not know it, Citta Mall, which is at Ara Damansara is a genuine shopper’s paradise. There are plenty of popular brands there and plenty of delectable food outlets, and my daughter has decided that she wanted some Japanese food for a change for Buka Puasa after having indulged in all those Kampung food, western food etc……

So while waiting for Buka Puasa or the time for breaking fast , I decided to wander around and check out some of those stores… my daughter have been needing a new pair of glasses since she broke the frame on her spectacles, so I headed to Milano Eyes Fashion there Citta Mall to look up a pair of glasses for her….

They had so many choices I could not decide on which… ahhh… but my daughter  being a fusspot decided she wanted to think about whether she should go for the Japanese style

red frame, the black one of the turquoise one…

Milano Eyes Fashion

Address: LOT G-21, Ground Floor, Citta Mall@ Ara Damansara

Then I was browsing through the shoplots and Tomaz Shoe Store caught my eye… I have heard that Tomaz specialize in the creation of great quality, modern, stylish, comfortable shoes that are also pretty durable….

They have a great collection for men with stylish footwear, bags, belts and wallets while and a diverse line of footwear and hand bags for the ladies all at almost unbelievable prices…. I got myself a pair of sandals there.. and for my hubby, a pair of working shoes….

Tomaz Shoes

Address: Lot F31, 1st Floor,  Citta Mall@ Ara Damansara


Since there was about an hour plus to breaking fast, my daughter wanted to check out Jane Yap Atelier , which is a children art studio and art gallery… headed by Jane Yap, the shop actually conduct art classes for kids from age 4 – 18 years old. They offer children creativity drawing, painting and craft classes.

I thought it was pretty interesting that the Jane Yap Atelier also offers limited adult Chinese painting classes… hmmm … this might be pretty interesting to try my hand in… hehehe.. and they do actually do yearly children art exhibition, local & international to raise funds…

Jane Yap Atelier

Address: Lot F36, 1st Floor,  Citta Mall@ Ara Damansara

Then since it was almost time to buka puasa, my daughter said she wanted to have her favourite Japanese food… at Tokyo Kitchen… I love Japanese culture and having just come back from Osaka/Kyoto, I miss it there… and well… Tokyo Kitchen never fails to impress me with their Japanese inspired ambience…

…and one more thing is…. Tokyo Kitchen emphasizes on healthy meal by Japanese style, no oil, less sugar, neutral salt, and more protein for their dishes.. and the food is very good…

Tokyo Kitchen

Address:G-26, Ground Floor Citta Mall@ Ara Damansara


We filled our bellies and was about to go home when my daughter had some bright idea that she wanted some more Japanese food and I looked at her in disbelieve… aiyoooo… this kid.. she can wallop two or three rounds of food with no sense of guilt, just because she was fasting… hmmpph…


So we before we left Citta Mall, we stopped by Iyakimono , known to serve up some famous Japanese Grill (Yakimono) in various types of chicken, fish and beef, where my daughter happily settled for some Takoyaki balls to take away…..


Address: Lot G-K06, Ground Floor Citta Mall@ Ara Damansara

And that was what we did at Citta Mall….. so you see, there are plenty of things to see, do, buy and indulge your tastebuds in… so if you are around the area, drop by..

For more info, check out www.cittamall.com



Add – No 1 Jalan PJU 1A/48 , Ara Damansara, 47301 Petaling Jaya



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