Suria KLCC Group Launch Ramadan Raya programme


Yours  truly was over at the Suria KLCC, where the Suria KLCC up consisting of Alamanda, Mesra Mall and Suria KLCC recently launched their Ramadan Raya programme…


The centre court of the mall was beautifully decorated with batik Terengganu as the main theme for their decoration and promotion, with ornaments made of batik Terengganu at the centre court as well as the main entrances located on Ramlee, Ampang and Park Mall.

The mall highlighted the promotions that was on going for the Ramadan month as well as some fundraising effort collaborating with Media Prima Television Networks through  Kempen Terima Kasih and CSR programme known as Skuad Terima Kasih to raise funds for Tabung Bersamamu in their cohesive efforts to assist the underprivileged individuals.   Donation boxes are placed at strategic locations within the malls for members of the public to channel their contributions.  Apart from contributions from members of the public, the malls have also pledged to match RM1 for each RM1 received, up to a maximum amount of RM10,000.00.


Present at this auspicious event were Datuk Hashim Wahir Chairman of Suria KLCC Sdn Bhd, Datuk Kamal Khalid Chief Executive Officer of Media Prima Television Networks, Andrew Brien Executive Director also Chief Executive Officer of Suria KLCC Sdn Bhd, Annuar Marzuki Board Member of Suria KLCC Sdn Bhd, Francis Tan Chief Operating Officer of Suria KLCC Sdn Bhd, Ben Chong General Manager of Suria KLCC mall and Baldev Singh General Manager of Alamanda mall.

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Suria KLCC Sdn Bhd Chairman Datuk Haji Hashim Wahir said, “Batik is our choice for this Raya celebration because it is one of the most unique traditional handcrafts produced in Malaysia. Suria KLCC receives approximately 8.8 million foreign tourists every year as it is the country’s landmark shopping destination.  Therefore, decoration is one of the methods that we use to expose and educate them about our culture and tradition.

He further enthused, “Batik Terengganu was chosen as it is where batik historically started in Malaysia. The designs depict local plants and flowers which are commonly found throughout the country such as orchid, rose, fern, cloves and geometric designs such as bamboo shoots.”


Datuk Kamal Khalid, Chief Operating Officer of Media Prima Television Networks said, “Media Prima Television Networks are committed to ensuring campaigns initiated by us will be beneficial to the society.  This year, we have introduced a new initiative known as Kempen Terima Kasih to strengthen our Ramadan Raya campaign effort.

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The main purpose of this campaign is to render assistance to the underprivileged people who are celebrating Hari Raya.  In our effort to realise this mission, we are collaborating with Suria KLCC Group of Malls by allocating Tabung Bersamamu at Alamanda, Mesra Mall and Suria KLCC for the convenience of their shoppers to do their bit for charity while they shop for their Hari Raya preparation.”

The tallest ketupat structure in malaysia (2)-1-1075x717.jpg

Not to be missed is the magnificent sight of a ketupat structure measuring 21.3 in height and 14 metre in width welcome local visitors and tourists alike at the fountain area just outside of Suria KLCC mall.  Ketupat was chosen as it a must have traditional cuisine during Hari Raya celebrations and open houses.  It has been certified by Malaysia Book of Records as the Tallest Ketupat Decoration Structure in Malaysia.

Adding more excitement to the Hari Raya celebration this year is the gift of Hari Raya limited edition serving tray and green Hari Raya packets to shoppers who make purchases at the three malls.  These gifts are given to shoppers who spend a minimum of RM800 at Suria KLCC, RM1,500 at Alamanda and RM350 at Mesra Mall.

For more information about the Ramadan Raya promotion, do visit


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