So yours truly was over at the newly opened 4FINGERS outlet at Sunway Pyramid to check out their offerings and new meals.. for your information, 4FINGERS is a Singaporean chain of restaurants that is best know for their crispy Asian style fried chicken and currently has 3 stores in Malaysia

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I stepped in the familiar grungy black, white with a hint of red subway scene, the uniformed theme of all their outlets that comes with some graffiti and retro posters decorating the walls, with some warning signs that declare each outlet to be a restricted area. It can be quite fun and we can pretend that… Yo… we are part of some secret society as well meeting in some subway club.. ok, maybe my imagination is getting carried away…

Anyway, 4FINGERS pride themselves with their handbrushed crispy chicken served in a New York City’s grungy subway scene…

4FINGERS chicken is spicy, crispy, unique and downright addictive – it’s supposed to be chicken that’s so bad, it’s good. And you can practically see lines at almost every store for their crispy fried chicken….

4FINGERS chicken is cooked to render out the fat for that awesome crackly, flavour-packed skin. Their sauces – Soy Garlic and Hot & Spicy – are said to be made fresh, the good ol’fashioned way with natural herbs and spices, no artificial flavourings, no MSG.


The chicken are then tenderly handbrushed in that sauce so it clings tightly to the skin for that crisp and unforgettable taste…So a visit to 4 Fingers, is not complete if you do not have an order of their signature ‘Wingettes & Drumettes’ or those Chicken Drumsticks hand-painted with their sauces and fried to perfection.….

There are only 2 sauces to choose from, which is the soy garlic sauce or hot sauce or  better still, have it mixed. I for one cannot decide which one I like better so I always order both…


Service at 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken is simple and straight to the point, you just order what you want and pay at the cashier, you will be given your drink and a buzzer.. so all you have to do is collect your order when buzzed. You will probably have to wait for your food for about  5 to 10 minutes.

However on this visit to the Sunway Pyramid outlet, I ordered one of their meals which is available from now up until 31st July 2017….


I ordered the TRIO platter RM60.70, which is perfect for 3 people.. It consists of 3 pcs of drumsticks,  6 pcs of wingettes and drummettes, Katsu Sandwich or B.F.F /burger, 2 fries, 1 rice and 3 drinks…


I selected the Katsu Sandwich that came in some fried mantou like bun which is crispy but somewhat oily… It has chicken meat and has some slightly spicy Kimchi coleslaw on it…  the sandwich however is kind of difficult to use just your hands, so I settled using my plastic cutlery to gingerly cut and eat it… the kimchi coleslaw will also tend to drip so be careful or it can get pretty messy. So, if you ask me, if you like kimchi, the Chicken Katsu Sandwich might just be it for you.


I of course enjoyed both the drumsticks and wingettes /drummettes which were just perfect…especially when eaten with the rice that came with it…  Some people who are use to blander tasting dishes might find the chicken a little too salty… though those who like it flavorful will like it as it is…

The dishes came with 2 skinny fries, and you can choose to have them plain, with seaweed or with kimchi… All this while I had mine with seaweed and I do like it a lot.. but this time I got to taste the skinny fries with kimchi powder as well as I like that too.. even my daughter who is not too much of a kimchi fan loved the kimchi fries….


For drinks, there is nothing more refreshing then a cup of Signature Honey Yuzu..

On the other hand, you can also opt for the other meal, the QUARTET platter RM83.50, which is ideal for 4 people.. It consists of 4 pcs of drumsticks,  12 pcs of wingettes and drummettes, Chicken Chop, 2 fries, 2 rice and 4 drinks…

I think it is a great deal for a small family or group of friends with these meals…

So there you have it, for more info and other menu , check out

You can find 4Fingers at Mid Valley Megamall, NuSentral and Sunway Pyramid. A little bird said that there will be another 4Fingers soon at Berjaya Times Square as well…



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