Weight Loss Shakes without Exercise


Weight loss shakes have become an integral part of life of most athletes and active people. These supplements are used to provide the required amount of vitamins and nutrients to the body before or after the workout session. The protein shakes supply protein to the muscle fibers and promote reducing excessive weight. The number of various diet shakes in the market is huge. Besides, there are different types of diet supplements including protein shakes and meal replacements. These products can be generalized to one meaning – diet shakes, since all of them are designed for weight management purposes.


As a rule, the diet shakes are used within a training program or diet. They can be consumed before or after workout session depending on the needs and targets of a user. Such application of weight loss shake is understandable, since the shakes supply protein and other nutrients to restore the torn muscle fibers, and provide energy to the body. Nevertheless, some users begin to consume diet shakes without exercises. So, let’s find out what consequences such use of shakes can cause.

The diet shakes mostly provide protein to the body. This protein is extra protein for muscles. And what if your body does not need extra protein, but it obtains it anyway? The excess protein will be converted into fat and stored in such form. The share of protein that is not processed will be removed from the body. These outcomes are not desirable, because the people use the weight loss shakes to reduce fat in the body rather than gain it. In order to increase metabolic rate, you need to increase lean muscle mass. Hence, you need exercises to achieve effects in losing weight.


Most users confuse diet shakes with weight loss pills. The latter is designed to burn fat and promote losing weight without significant changes in diet or lifestyle. Unlike diet pills, protein shakes only provide building material for muscles, namely, protein and other essential nutrients. For this reason, the shakes can bring effect only when used within a training program.

So, it is highly recommended to start regular workouts in order to derive benefit from your diet shake.

Outcomes of Using Weight Loss Shakes without Exercise

If you keep using protein shakes and ignore the recommendation to start exercising, you have a risk to experience the following outcomes that can affect your health.

Excessive Weight

A regular weight loss shake offers around 100 calories. This value can be increased if you use milk and other additives to prepare a shake. If you do not conduct an active lifestyle, these calories will not be burnt, and excessive weight is likely to be gained.

Kidney Strain

Kidneys perform the function of metabolizing excessive protein. Hence, a constant consumption of excessive amount of this ingredient can trigger serious health issues. If the level of protein intake exceeds the normal rate within a long period, the risk of such health issues as kidney disease, osteoporosis, kidney stones and even cancer increases.

Be healthy and use weight loss shakes only with a workout session.

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