Fly High & Get Rewarded

Travelling means experiencing new cultures, socializing and expanding one’s horizon… When we travel, we are reminded that the world is such a huge place and there are just so many things we have yet to learn, since life is after all a never ending cycle of learning and improving ourselves…


People can change with travelling as they are forced to get out of their comfort zone. The things you learn during your travels, experiencing wonderful moments, meeting a potpourri of colourful people and discovering the exotic and unknown world along with yourself; is indescribable, so rewarding and should be experienced by everyone…

 I am the person that do not bother when my friends brag about their new home, new car, new designer bags or stuff, but I get super envious when I see them traveling…


Wanderlust is an itch that controls the essence of my being from my veins, and my husband and family knows I have to travel at very least twice a year or more.. it is what that helps keep my sanity ..


Travel makes me happier than anything else, and it does not matter if it is traveling across the world, or just visiting a local city back here in Malaysia.. it drives me and it is what that makes my life meaningful and rich…

Only one thing stops me from traveling… and that is funds. Sadly, I do not have unlimited funds at my dispose that I can just travel as much as I can.. Being from a lower middle income group of people who lives from hand to mouth, I struggle along with my mundane life, and have to save money to be able to travel, and when I travel on my own, it is definitely on a shoe string budget..


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So, how do I save my money.. Well, I try to make it a point to have a saving box which I squirrel away every RM5 note I come across… maybe not all, but as much as I can, and this becomes my travel funds…

Then I start planning for whatever trip I want give and take 6 months or so when I can get an affordable low budget flight, which is of course, via AirAsia or AirAsia X..  This is how I planned for my trip to Seoul and Osaka/Kyoto for the past 2 years…


AirAsia X operates out of three hubs, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Denpasar, Bali. AirAsia X currently serves 24 destinations across Asia (Sapporo, Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Busan, Taipei, Xi’an, Beijing, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Shanghai, Chongqing, Wuhan, New Delhi and Kathmandu), Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Gold Coast), New Zealand (Auckland), the Middle East (Jeddah, Medina and Tehran) and the United States of America (Hawaii).

Did you know AirAsia X is the first low-cost Airline in Asean to be given approval by the Federal Aviation Administration to operate into USA.

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It is only via AirAsia X that travels to slightly more distant places is affordable for me, and for that I am eternally grateful. I doubt I could have had a chance to visit Osaka/ Kyoto and Seoul if it was not for AirAsia X’s affordability…

Let me share some tips on how to make your travel comfortable the budget way, like I did, as I am  strong believer that you have to make your own happiness, your own planning and etc.…


Traveling on AirAsia X can be boring and uncomfortable, or so some people claim, however, for me, it is comfortable enough and well, not boring at all, with the right preparations..


Yes, I pre-book my inflight meals.. it is important and saves money doing so and I get a much better choice.. and I just love the dishes on the menu.. I actually look forward to the meals onboard the AirAsia X, believe me or not.. and they can be tastier then some other inflight meals on certain aircrafts…I have definitely had worse.. hahahah


Ok.. whenever I travel, I bring a neck pillow, that ‘U’ shaped one..

You naturally need a jacket, light weight one which you probably can get at Uniqlo, or if you are on a budget, go look up at one of the ‘bundle’ or second hand stores.. it is just as cosy and comfortable once you wash it properly and use it, but don’t bring a winter one if you are going to hot and sunny places or a too thin one if you are traveling to cold climates..


Bring along a scarf.. you will be surprise how handy just a simple scarf can be… my scarf keeps me warm when it’s cold outside.. it can be an outfit, or jazz up your outfit.  It can also be used as a blanket or as a pillow on long bus rides or when you’re stuck in an airport, or even as a towel or a cover against the elements…and a lot more…


I will also download Viu or iFlix on my smartphone, and download a number of drama series or movies before my flight, so I can watch it… as well as bring along a novel to while the time away on board my flight when I can’t sleep.. Naturally I try to get as much shut eye as I can on my journey as I always have a hectic and tiring itinerary which I try to fit in as many places and many things to do as I can…

On the other hand, you can also subscribe to roKKi if the AirAsia X plane is  has it… roKKi is an onboard Wi-Fi portal that offers inflight entertainment and connectivity at your fingertips. Using your personal mobile device, you can connect to your favourite instant messaging, social media, and email apps, so you can chat with your family and friends on your smartphone or tablet…

See, it is just that easy to make your flight a comfortable one, so stop bitching and just take the initiative..


Once you have packed all your stuff, enjoy your trip as I did mine… It was such an amazing trip visiting Seoul as well as Kyoto and Osaka, explore all those amazing historical places I only saw on TV or seen in travel magazines, learn about their culture, as well as indulge in their food…


So I urge you to travel as much as you can, don’t give any excuses if and when you want to travel, live for the moment, live life lah… Every trip, every different destination you take can and will shape you and experience unforgettable moments no one can take away.. You will also learn a lot about yourself, as well as how to be grateful for what you have…

Naturally, if you want more comfort and indulgence, and can afford it, you really should purchase a Premium Flatbed Seat.. as this will enable you to enjoy the following benefits…


  • 20kg checked baggage allowance
  • Pick A Seat Standard or Hot Seats (Hot Seats are subject to availability)
  • Xpress baggage
  • Xpress boarding
  • Premium Flex counter: Premium Flex guest are able to use the Premium Flatbed counter.
  • Complimentary inflight meal included (limited selection)
  • Insurance 1 Hour On Time Guarantee and Baggage Delay (Only for flights departing from Malaysia and Thailand. Not available for flights to Auckland, Honolulu and Dhaka, Fly-Thru flights and island & city transfers).
  • 2 Flight Changes – up to 2 hours before scheduled time of departure time of the original flight with no Flight Change Fee, fare differences may apply.
  • Flight Change has to be done at least 3 hours before the scheduled time of departure of the new flight for AirAsia (AK, QZ, FD, PQ, Z2, I5) and at least 4 hours before the scheduled time of departure of the new flights for AirAsia X (D7, XJ, XT).
  • Earn AirAsia BIG Points – RM1=3 AirAsia BIG Points except for D7 which is RM1 = 1 BIG Point


However, pssst…. someone taught me, if you want to snag a bargain, don’t purchase a Premium Flatbed seat when choosing your flight. Just, book the usual economy flight with Air Asia.

Once you have received an email with your flight details, look for the option to upgrade via Option Town, this is however subject to availability. You will be updated to know if you got your upgrade anywhere between a few days before or no later than 4 hours before your flight, or have the money you paid refunded to you… If you got it, just enjoy the perks of your Premium Flatbed…

For those of you who love to travel, do not forget to participate in the AirAsia X “Fly High & Get Rewarded” contest.

This campaign is about rewarding AirAsia /AirAsia X guests (in particular, the high flyers!) with exciting prizes for them to embark on more adventures and experience the opportunity to live like a jetsetter!

This campaign is only available for bookings which include at least 1 sector or journey on flights operated by AirAsia X (carrier code D7). Bookings can be from any point of origin on the AirAsia network (carrier code AK, FD, QZ, Z2, XJ, XT) on both direct and Fly-Thru bookings.

For example: Kuala Lumpur to Sydney (D7 XXX), Shanghai to Kuala Lumpur (D7 XXX), Melbourne (D7 XXX) to New Delhi (D7 XXX) via Kuala Lumpur, Singapore (AK XXXX) to Sapporo (D7 XXX) via Kuala Lumpur etc…..

All flights are to be made during the contest period for travels from 20 June – 30 November 2017.

How to participate?

Step 1: Sign up or log in as an AirAsia BIG Member at or on the AirAsia mobile app

Step 2: Book as many flights and add-ons as you like from 19 June – 16 July 2017 for travels from 20 June – 30 November 2017

It’s that simple… so good luck ya…..

For full details and more information on the terms and conditions, please click

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  1. Travelling feeds my soul as well. Every time I come home, I lament at the backlog I have to clear but once that is settled, I am itching to be on the move again!


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