Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and cauldron bubble… something magical and fiery is cooking at the Kedai Kopi Journal, the main dining restaurant at the Kuala Lumpur Journal..


First of all, I have been sharing a bit on the Kuala Lumpur Journal which happens to be a very charming concept boutique hotel tucked away just on the side or is it at the back of the HSBC Bank in Bukit Bintang.. and it is always just such fun stepping into the hotel as it is quirky..


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Anyway, I love curry fish most… and curry chicken next… so forgive me if I am a little bias here.. I was invited over to the Kedai Kopi Journal for a sumptuous lunch… and on that day when I stepped into the chic little restaurant, I was greeted by the waft of aromatic curry, which immediately make me start to salivate…

I know many of you really do not know this, but pretty ol’ skool coffee shop- Kedai Kopi Journal serves up some of the most tastiest dishes around Bukit Bintang as well..


So I got to my table and guess what.. there was a huge pot of fish head curry at the middle of the table and never did I see anything so beckoning…


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This Killer Fish Head Curry Set has been expertly and painstakingly prepared by the KL Journal Hotel’s chef Heng, base on heritage Malaysian recipes with his own tweak… and dang… it is just so good I could have gotten an orgasm there… ‘shut up already, Miera’…


Oh, the curry set naturally comes with a platter of rice, pickled vegetables or acar,and papadom… because, what is curry without papadom right….and at RM50 nett, you can feed 4 persons and believe me, with the flavors, the ambiance of the lovely Kedai Kopi Journal, it is sooooooo worth it…..

For those who cannot eat too spicy, fret not, the curry isn’t that spicy.. but for those who eats very spicy, sorry to disappoint you, this curry is pretty mild, but maybe you can request the chef to make it spicier when ordering??? Whatever it is.. it is just so yummy-licious.. no doubt about it..


So what are you waiting for, bring the friends, the missus /hubby and the kids, or impress your fussy in laws to a great meal at the Kedai Kopi Journal either for lunch or for dinner… RM50 only… it is a great steal…


Here is a picture of a beef rendang which some blogger buddies and I had during Ramadan and we had loved it… this time it was thoughtfully prepared by the chef for us and one of my blogger buddies was just so excited and thrilled she practically jumped in the air… I am not quite a beef person, and seldom do I eat beef, but I could not stop myself from taking more of these beef rendang when it is served in front of me… so psst.. if you see it in the menu at Kedai Kopi Journal, do order and give it a try.. I swear you will not regret it…

For more info, check out or email inquiries at

Address – 30, Jalan Beremi, Bukit Bintang, 50200 Kuala Lumpur





  1. Ah I love curry but curry fish head is not my choice. I don’t fancy all the bones, but will indulge once in a while. Thanks for recommending. Bookmarking for my next trip to KL.

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