Dae-Bak Meals at the NY STEAK SHACK…

Everyone knows that New York City is the food capital of the world with varieties of ethnic cuisines, great restaurants, and pretty much like here in Malaysia, you can find various kinds of food at any hour of the day.


So yours truly was over at the NY Steak Shack at the Sunway Velocity Mall and well, stepping into the restaurant was pretty much like stepping into one of those classic diners you can find in New York.

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It was all about brown leather seats, black seats, wooden tables and New York city skyline themed walls which pretty much gives you the ambience of being in New York…

The NY Steak Shack here at the Sunway Velocity Mall is located on 2nd Floor… and they specialize in serving Steaks, Milkshakes, Burgers & Sandwiches like any classic American joint… You will be pleasantly surprised at their really affordable pricing…


NY Steak Shack pride themselves with minimizing the usage of prepared food and that they craft as much as they can in their own kitchen. It takes more TIME and EFFORT, but they want their diners to be able to taste the difference! Every cut of meat, vegetables, herbs and spices has been selected to be the best QUALITY…


Due to the overwhelming trend of Korean fans, NY Steak Shack has introduced some limited time fusion of Korean inspired dishes… Now is the chance for you to experience the robust flavours of the east and west together with their Dae-Bak meals…


We were served some Omija, RM4.90 , which was definitely an explosion of flavours in your mouth from the first sip… and I mean explosion…it is afterall a special mixture inspired by the traditional Korean Punch… read again… the word punch… hahaha.. and it is sweet, sour, with a tinge of bitterness and spicy…

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For your main course, you can choose from Sizzling Bulgogi Ribeye Steak, RM35.90 or the Sizzling Bulgogi Lamb Leg, RM35.90.. where your meat will be grilled to perfection and served with Bulgogi Sauce, Kimchi Coleslaw and fluffy white rice sprinkled with some black sesame seeds… if you love your meat… and believe me when I say the combination of flavours was really great..

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I also loved the Country Gogi Burger, RM17.90 for chicken, RM18.90 for lamb and RM19.90 for beef, which are homestyled meat patties which is really crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside… served up with perfectly slightly grilled soft buns and a portion of French fries… and a choice of Bulgogi Mayo or Kimchi Mayo dressing… I love the Bulgogi Mayo…


What is a Korean meal without some awesomely flavoured chicken wings… Called the K-runch Wings, RM19.90,  you can select from Bulgogi flavour, Kimchi flavour or better still order a mixture of both.. it is pretty good… with spicy and sweet Korean inspired flavours… Kimchi is spicy and slightly sour… as you know…and I did not expect to really enjoy it on the chicken as my daughter and I are not too fond of locally made Kimchi…


Be sure to try out the Sizzling Spicy K-lam as well… RM19.90, as somehow or other we just loved it… another blogger friend asked for a second helping of these as it was just so good…


Pasta lovers should try out their Kimchi Pasta, RM15.90 for chicken, RM16.90 for lamb and RM17.90 for beef, which is definitely different from the normal pasta yet flavourful with a little spicy bite. The pasta comes served with generous chunks of meat and finely chopped vegetables..

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They also have the K-Bibimbap Set, RM19.90 for chicken, RM20.90 for lamb and RM21.90 for beef, consisting of fluffy white rice topped with and egg and sesame seeds, with generous chunks of meat and finely chopped vegetable on a sizzling plate served with a portion of Kimchi Coleslaw and some Spicy Clam broth…

And for families and friends who love to share their meals, there are some Sharing Platters ideal for 2-3 people which you might just like to check out….


We ended our very satisfying dinner with a nice glass of banana milkshake,RM10.90, which is their signature drink and something you really have to try …


… and the Sizzling Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream, RM12.90 which was so really sinfully good…..

So what are you waiting for, bring your friends and family to enjoy these Dae-Bak meals at the NY Steak Shack nearest to you… It is only available until the end of July 2017…

…to find out where, check out www.nysteakshack.com


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