If you are a traveler or a photographer, or both,  you will surely be needing or on the lookout for some good quality protective travel backpacks and camera bags…

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I have great news.. Lowepro has just launch their new Multifunctional Lifestyle Bags in conjunction with the popular international brand’s 50th Anniversary celebration at Isetan KLCC.

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These beautiful designs and functionalities suits various different needs.


The newly launched collections – Campus+, Urban+, Matrix+ and Travel+ are definitely eye catching and are available in various forms such as backpacks, messenger bags, totes, shoulder bags as well as klettersack backpacks to suit the ever-changing needs of users.

Mr Kevin Crandall, the Product Development & Manufacturing Senior Director of Lowepro was present to introduce the new bag collection, and show off some old, timeless designs as well as  highlight the bags functionality and durability…


Lowepro Matrix+ Collection
The Matrix+ backpacks are excellent choice for both work and play. It’s very sleek and contemporary perfect for working and urbanites like us.

Transition from work to workout in a jiffy with the Matrix+ collection, this everyday bag with a remarkably polished design features a detachable camera case and is able to fit a 15-inch laptop in its back panel compartment for added protection. Aside from having a water-resistant finish, it is also incorporated with spacious side pockets to store items such as water bottle and towels.


Lowepro Campus+ Collection
The Campus+ Collection caters for young thrill-seekers. The backpacks are trendy, stylish and highly functional. With its lightweight and water-repellent features, it is undoubtedly a perfect companion for outdoor adventures. Available in three striking colours, its spacious compartment equipped with zipped pocket allows users to store small personal items such as sunglasses and keys.

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Lowepro Urban+ Collection
The Urban+ Collection is cool and features customizable partitions for photography with ergonomically designs and comfort. This collection also has shoulder plus tote bag that perfect for the feminine type.

Urban+ is an innovative collection for photography aficionados who are looking for adjustable compartments in a gear. Perfect for mirrorless and small DLSR cameras, this collection comes with five different types of bags with plenty of storage for personal items.


Lowepro Travel+ Collection
For ardent travellers that required high-performance backpacks that are able to withstand harsh environs with its innovative technology the Travel+ collection, are among some of the best travel backpacks and will be a good companion. This collection provides a robust finish and is fitted with radio-frequency identification (RFID) blocking side pockets for improved security and safety. It also has compartments to keep our valuables safe and prevent theft.

Built for long-lasting durability, this sleek water-resistant backpack ensures the wearers enjoy countless adventures without compromising comfort with its ergonomic shoulder straps.

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I got me one of the Lowepro Campus+ backpack and I daresay I love it.. it is just so versatile and I can bring it everywhere I go with no worries that my laptop or camera or whatever is in my bag gets wet when it rains.. it even has its own raincoat..

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Lowepro bags are now available at Isetan Malaysia. The collections will be made available in selected retail outlets on a later date…

For more information about Lowepro New Multifunctional Lifestyle Bag For Travellers and Photographers and other Veedoo’s offerings check out their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/veedoo2u/

Or their website at http://www.veedoo2u.com/



  1. very nice designs. My boyfriend carries 20 kilos of cameras, drones, gears and accessories. I’m curious if they have a bag that can handle that much weight and spacious enough for all other stuff.


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