DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe, SkyAvenue Resorts World Genting

Fans of themed cafes and Super Heroes – and err, Super Villians, yup, my daughter loves Harley Quinn and Joker- will really enjoy the DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe, which has a couple of outlets around Klang Valley, and of course, the latest one has found its home at the SkyAvenue in Resorts World Genting…


It was part of our food trail but it was just so outstanding I really had to have a special dedicated post to it….

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Stepping into this very colourful, and eye-catching themed café can excite and thrill anyone as you can find a life sized Batman standing by on the left, while Superman stands on the right… and there is also Green Lantern there… as well super hero themed wooden tables, chairs, walls and well comic pages seats etc..

There are so many paraphernalia and figurines on display on the glass shelves as well for you to admire..

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The menu also looks pretty much like a comic and has both the menu of what they offer as well as some comics to browse through…


Food served here are all inspired superheroes/ super villians like what we ordered…which was Penguin’s Oddball Sandwich, Metropolis Face off Burger, Katana Sliced Hawaiian Pizza, Mera’s Ocean Magic…..


The Penguin’s Oddball Sandwich RM18, is basically a sandwich with grilled chicken, turkey ham, egg, Japanese cucumber slices, fresh iceberg lettuce and sliced tomatoes…


The Metropolis Face off Burger RM27, is a burger served with homemade chicken patty with egg, and a slice of pineapple, and served with fries on the side in a lovely Superman container. The burger bun has Superman’s symbol emblazoned on it..

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Katana Sliced Hawaiian Pizza RM27, is served with turkey ham slices, pineapple, capsicum slices and olives, with classic marinara sauce, and mozzarella cheese sprinkled on top…


I got me a Mera’s Ocean Magic RM23.. and it wowed me… it was yummy for sure… It is suppose to be a Balinese seafood spicy spaghetti and I definitely think it is scrumptious, somewhat reminiscent of seafood in ‘masak lemak chilli api’ style… I really recommend it…

The drinks we ordered are also super heroes/ super villians inspired with super cool names such as Ha ha ha, Scarecrow Scare Mocha, Gotham’s City Chocolate, Nightwing’s Elixir and Yuzu Clark…. There are of course other interesting names such as Suicide Squad Rumble, The Daily Planet, Amazonian Battle Choc,  Wonder Woman Justice Whip etc…etc…


Ha ha ha RM19 is an Oreo Milkshake served in Joker’s plastic cup… and comes with the suicide squad Joker’s avatar on top… cute and yummy too, my daughter polished it off in just minutes, being a fan of Oreo…


Scarecrow Scare Mocha RM13 is basically more or less a hot mocha drink… it comes with Batman’s symbol on top…

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Gotham’s City Choc RM20 is a yummy chocolate milkshake that is served in a plastic Batman cup that has a cape and with Batman’s symbol on top

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Nightwing’s Elixir RM13 is a Blue Curacao soda served with yummy burst in your mouth passion fruit pearls…and comes with a blue ‘Batman’ exclamation frozen ice..

Yuzu Clark RM13 is a yuza drink with lychee pieces and some burst in your mouth pearls too, and comes with a orange yuzu Superman symbol frozen ice on top…

The wait staff here are all dressed in an assortment of superhero t shirts and superhero apron too and are readily helpful and friendly…

The pricing is reasonable for a themed café – I have been to some theme cafes where the price is even more unreasonable- and the food is good.. I would definitely be back for more…


The DC Comics Super Heroes Café here at SkyAvenue serves some pretty rainbow cake as well…which is attractive to kiddies.. with their favorite super heroes symbol of course.. choose from Batman, Superman or Wonder Woman…

For more info, be sure to check out https://www.facebook.com/dccomicssuperheroesmalaysia/

And head over to the DC Comics Super Heroes Café at SkyAvenue on the 3rd floor …

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