Lunch Deals at Tony Roma’s

Recently, when I shared photos of my lunch at Tony Roma’s, a friend said it was pricey and wished she could afford it…and well, guess what… she can, and so can almost everyone…


Our lunch is after all an important meal, and how you spend your lunch hour can have a dramatic effect on your entire day. It can significantly influence your productivity but more importantly how you actually feel. So how about indulging yourself to great food at Tony Roma’s ?

After all, Tony Roma’s has prepared an amazing lunch deal to be enjoyed at your own pace…


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World renowned for its legendary ribs and famous for so much more, the lunch portion sets are specially designed for you so that you are able to feast on a selection of Tony Roma’s famous dishes such as the Bountiful Beef Ribs or New York Steak.


For chicken lovers, try the recommended White Barbeque Chicken, Fire-Grilled Harvest Valley Chicken or the Chicken Caprese Pasta which are chicken meals like you never tasted before!


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For a perfect lunch combo, try the Bountiful Beef Rib & Mojo Chicken, Bountiful Beef Rib with Fish & fries or Boutiful Beef Rib & Lamb Cevapi.


If you are looking for something lighter, the selections of salads are great too. Selections such as the famous Tony’s Asian Salad with Grilled Chicken or the Chicken Caesar Salad will definitely satisfy the palate.


The set lunch menu has been carefully crafted so that everyone can try Tony Roma’s signature dishes at affordable prices, and it is definitely a great deal… since each main course comes accompanied with a bowl of soup and bottomless soft drink.


Applicable on weekdays except for Public Holidays from 11.00am to 3.00pm, Tony Roma’s Value Lunch Deal is available at all Tony Roma’s outlets except for IOI City Mall and Komtar JBCC. The value lunch deal is offered at RM16.90 onwards at all participating outlets.

You really should not miss out this wonderful deal comprising mainly the Chef’s recommendations, not at that amazing deal… So who says it is too pricey??? Time to indulge your taste buds and stomach now… since one of the best pieces of work advice ever received is to make sure never to skip your lunch.


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