Higher Education in Malaysia – Quick Overview

How to enter the Malaysian universities, what studying in Malaysia looks like, and how foreign students feel in a new country


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How to become a Malaysian student and feel at home

If you have ever thought of education abroad, likely you imagined a country like Great Britain, USA or at least something like Italy or France. But did you know that Malaysia is nowadays one of the most popular educational destinations? It is true, and there are plenty of reasons for such a trend.

  • Malaysia had been a British colony for several decades. It’s senseless to discuss whether this historical period was useful for the people or not, what it has brought and what is has taken; however, one piece of heritage now is educational system which is similar to the British one. And the second consequence of British predomination is that English is known to most inhabitants of large cities. Of course, this cannot be said about distant small villages where primordial languages, culture and customs are still stronger than any foreign influence.
  • The country is pretty cheap comparing to all European or American cities where the students could yearn for. Literarily everything is in average twice cheaper: food, accommodation, transport, entertainment, clothes, and, surely, education, for the sake of which people are ready to cover huge distances. The price for same program of one university can differ in four or even five times – isn’t it incredible?
  • Malaysia is a perfect place to relax. Not that relax you can imagine – with lying on the sun with a cocktail. But that kind of it when you see no strained faces and listen no increased voice, when everyone is smiling, and you don’t need always be on guard – just live and enjoy.


  • Rather high living level, comfort and cleanness – if you only make an attempt to see it. Kuala Lumpur, where most universities and colleges are located, is like a city of contrasts, so open your eyes, and try to perceive it with a heart open to adventure.

Malaysian universities – impressive selection


pic credit to umec.um.edu.my

If you think of applying to the Malaysian universities, you will face no simple task – to choose one of them. And each will offer splendid programs, fantastic conditions and unbelievable prospects. But there are several most famous and popular establishments, and the oldest and the most prestigious one is University of Malaya (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/University_of_Malaya).

This university has won the 114th place in the QS World University Ranking, and of course it is the first in any Malaysian rankings. No reasons to doubt in quality of education this university provides: it was certificated according to the requirements of the international standards MS ISO 9001-2000. If all changes required by the standards had been implemented, the University of Malaya may be a real dream place for any student (and this is proved by thousands of students who are studying there right now). Moreover, 80.5% of students are employed even before graduation: it means that companies highly estimate the level of education that students get there (https://www.um.edu.my/about-um/um-fact-sheet).

What else should you know about this outstanding university? It offers comprehensive education, no matter what your inclinations are: medical, architecture, linguistic, pedagogical, business, accounting, computer sciences, social sciences, engineering and other faculties (12 on the whole), 2 academies, 6 research centers, 6 institutes, and one stunning library – in other words, true paradise for those who are passionate of studying. And of course, you can lead a high-grade student life here due to various sections and initiatives like sports, theatre, orchestra, art gallery, experimental farm, and a botanical garden.

And this is only one of more than 100 different universities – private and public, and affiliates of worldwide known universities like University of Nottingham Malaysia, Curtin University Sarawak, Monash University Malaysia, Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus and others.

What do you need to become a student in Malaysia?

Every university has its own terms, but first and foremost condition – you should master English according to the TOEFL or IELTS level. If you don’t, you will have to take language courses before applying to the university. Most of them also require not only an application form but also a motivational essay. Its goal is to understand, why every particular applicant aspires to study in the university, and whether he has high level of self-motivation, self-dependence and readiness to achieve the significant results. You can write such an assay on your own or address for help such services as essay.online, if you need some advice or assistance.

But even if you have succeeded and have already purchased tickets to Kuala Lumpur, there are some tips to come in handy while studying there.

  • Remember that you are a guest here. Being a guest implies respect to another culture, no matter how odd it can seem to you. Other customs and traditions, national holidays, other cuisine and even manner of saying hello – all these are a nice chance to boarded your horizons and become more open-minded.


  • Curiosity will help you get to know more about a new city and country. Do not spend all your time within the university and bars/night clubs – travel around the area, try local dishes, speak to people, visit museums and places of interest, and you will not even notice that you have already fell in love with a new place and feel there as if you were at home. This is a quite valuable acquisition – it’s really great to have more than one home on the Earth.


  • Respect every religion. Malaysia is Islamic country (Islam is national religion) with high percent of Buddhists (19.8%), but there are also Christians and representatives of Hinduism and other religions. Be tolerant to everyone.
  • If you have free time, try to find a job. Even the best university will never give you enough practice and communicational skills. Moreover, you will have an opportunity to lead more interesting life with more cultural and entertaining events, more comfort, and, what is crucial, more travels.

To sum up, student years in Malaysia can be one of the best memories in your life, and a powerful start for your future.

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