The Sky is the Limit Part 2

Continuing where we left off in the first part of The Sky is the Limit Part 1.

The second floor is designated the luxury level. Tenants on this level will include some of the top luxury brands, outlining the breadth of personalities from the upper income and higher purchasing power market segbment. This floor will open towards 4th quarter of 2017 into 2018.


The third floor of SkyAvenue is dedicated to High Street fashion and mid to upper range retail offerings. The 51 retailers include Padini Concept Store, Giordano, Swarovski, Kiehl’s, Timberland, Adidas Originals, Austin Reed, Lovisa, Esprit, DC Comics Super Heroes, Mood Board, L’Occitane, Bonia, Tissot, Shu Uemura, Muse by Watson, SK-II, Thomas Sabo, Puma, and Samsung. Swedish outfitters H&M will open in September. The third level of SkyAvenue will also offer a duty-free shopping arcade soon.

We had the opportunity to check out two outlets here on our food trail, which was the themed cafe DC Super Heroes Cafe as well as the Starbucks Reserve®…

Starbucks Reserve®

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There are actually two or errr… three.. or let me see.. make it four Starbucks outlets in around Genting Highllands…One is at the Genting Grand, one at First World Hotel, one is here at the SkyAvenue and of course one more at the Genting Premium Outlet..-if I am not mistaken lah, if I am mistaken, sorry yaaaa…..

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Anyway, I had to go to the Starbucks Reserve® located on the 3rd floor of the SkyAvenue, that was definitely different from the other regular Starbucks.. this one had a long table for coffee tasting session. We were given the opportunity to learn more about Starbucks coffee from the Coffee Ambassador/Coffee Master Ayesha who happens to also be the store manager of Starbucks Reserve® The Gardens Midvalley, but she was exclusively brought here to the SkyAvenue outlet for the day to give a hands-on demonstration on how coffee is brewed and to teach us how to let the aroma and taste of the coffee take us to wherever we imagined ourselves to be as well as share about how Starbucks Reserve® offers some of the best and unique limited edition coffee from all around the world.. we had the chance to taste the unique Nicaragua La Roca  (kinda reminds me of Wingardium Leviosa from Harry Potter Levitation charm, when I first heard of it… heheeh….sorry… mischievious me…)

DC Comics Super Heroes Café

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DC Comics Super Heroes Café is also located on the 3rd floor of Sky Avenue. You cannot miss it, as it is at the corner lot and is just so attractive to the eyes…If you love themed cafés or superheroes or supervillians, you really, really, really have to come to DC Comics Super Heroes Café.


I do enjoy themed cafés and my mini me with me with a rebel streak loved Harley Quinn and some of the supervillains in Suicide Squad and she was so thrilled to be dining at the DC Comics Super Heroes Café… with the many super heroes  and super villians around incorporated in both the café’s decor and in the super yummy themed food and beverages…. Do also read my blog on it here

The centre of the Resorts World Genting hub of connectivity is located on the fourth floor. SkyAvenue Station serves as the landing platform for Awana Skyway, the resort’s new cable car system, making SkyAvenue the nexus between the retail and entertainment spaces and the hospitality component.

For the moment level four’s most enticing attraction is Malaysian Food Street, a retro-themed blast from the past food hall featuring Malaysia’s finest hawker fare spread over 40,000 sq ft, with 1,000 seats and five distinct zones, namely Little India, Malacca, Teluk Intan, Kuching and Chinatown. Each zone is characterised by replicas of things or places pertinent to the location, sadly though for the Muslim diners, this is non-halal place…

More alfresco dining will be opening in the coming months, but San Francisco Coffee, Pappa Rich, Mr Lok Lok, Zok Noodle House, BarBQ Plaza, Go Noodle House, Palsaik, Zok Noodles House and Ah Yat Kitchen are already opened to customers…

Our food trail brought us here to check out I Love Yoo, San Francisco Coffee, Tian Mah Birdnest, Koong Woh Tong, Dal.Komm Coffee and Pappa Rich

dal.komm Coffee

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dal.komm is on the 4th floor of SkyAvenue, as it is with the rest of the cafes and restaurants below… dal.komm was made famous by the Korean hit drama series ‘Descendants of the Sun’ and the Song Song couple… but you know what.. I did not quite manage to find a dal.komm when I was in Seoul… huhuh.. must have been to all the wrong places…

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I do enjoy visiting dal.komm here in Malaysia though and this round, since I was tasked with visiting this outlet, I had a hard time choosing from the Caramel Honey Shibuya Toast and the Lava Cruffin, but went for the Shibuya Toast RM18.90! My daughter went for the Premium Chocola’de Shake from the Chocola’de Series RM19.90 made with 100% pure Belgian cocoa, while I decided to have the Strawberry Cube RM17.90 which was basically err.. frozen fresh crushed strawberries being mixed into the iced milk. You really have to stir the drink to mix the strawberries into the milk so you get strawberry bits milk…pretty interesting and yummy…

Tian Ma Bird Nest


Tian Ma Bird Nest’s Signature Double Boiled Bird’s Nest is errr… kinda pricey at RM93.30 since it is just so super luxurious and taste so refreshing, and I was willing my skin to look more beautiful with every spoonful….

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We were also served Bird’s Nest with Ginseng Tea RM23.30 which was kinda bitter, unless you drink it down in a gulp.. but imagine the benefits Ginseng can afford your body and I am sure you will gulp it down too… My daughter liked the Bird’s Nest with Pear RM29.70 … and well, you can also choose to have some taken away if you cannot finish or if you want to bring some home…

I Love Yoo!

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I Love Yoo! is pretty well known all around Malaysia, as it has been popping up all over the place.. and people go there to eat their Yoo Tiao, or more popular better known to the Chinese as “Eu Char Koay” eaten with porridge or on its, just like that.

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I also enjoy their Butterfly Bun- no worries, no butterflies were harmed or cooked in these buns, or their Spices buns…They also serve pretty good soya bean milk and tau fu fah, which is just so silky soft as well as a variety of balls…yam, sweet potato, tapioca, sesame, etc…etc…

Koong Woh Tong

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To be honest, whenever my husband and I feel unwell, Koong Woh Tong would be the place we head to… and this would be because Koong Woh Tong which offers a good variety of herbal drinks for the different problems, normally caused by body heat or when our body needs some detoxification.. and well, they have extra powders for flu, headaches, body aches etc…etc.. and usually, it solves the problem, unless it is serious, then it is to the clinic we go…

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 There’s something to cool down the body, refresh our eyes, etc.. My mini me can never resist the  Gui Ling Gao jelly which is also good for a lot of health issues and which helps beautifies the skin taken with honey…

Hmm… with all the Gui Ling Gao and Bird Nest consumed.. I really should have some pretty radiant skin for the next week or so, right…. hahahah


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PappaRich is also synonymous with local Hainanese style food and local favorites and we were served some pretty yummy curry laksa and char kway teow for us and we really enjoyed their Iced 3 layer tea as well as the Stevia White Coffee…

San Francisco Coffee

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Now how can I resist the Extreme Mocha Frisco Frappe RM18.50… So sinfully good and refreshing… and food… hmmm let’s go for the Chicken Linguine Bolognese RM16.50 which just looked perfectly mouth watering and tasted just as good for an evening snack…..

And with all these food in my stomach, I am very grateful for the chance to be in this food trail, but I am sooooo gonna be on a diet once I am at home… LoL…

So there, anyone who is at the SkyAvenue should go visit these food outlets.. and while you are at it, you really can not miss the spectacular Genting offering which an electronic mood board consists of three-storey high LED walls made up of small LED modules to form wraparound screens at the concourse area at SkyAvenue. The screens have been placed in a way which immerses visitors nature-themed electronic presentation runs throughout the day and is just so calming to view…

To know more, call +603 2718 1118 or visit

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