The Majestic Spa KL, by SPA VILLAGE


Every once in a while there can be nothing more blissful then unplugging from the rat race, taking a break and letting your mind and body get pampered in a spa…

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The Majestic Spa at The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur is an amazing getaway for those who want to indulge their senses, mind and body for a couple of hours or so…  And all these in a unique spa between right between the Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur and that tall dark and handsome Moorish/Mughal railway administration building.

The reception area is spacious and pretty calming, a somewhat colourful feast for the eyes, with interesting tall chairs, with the interiors influenced by the distinctive style of renowned Scottish architect, designer and artist Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s Willow Tearooms.

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The Majestic Spa offers seven treatment rooms, a relaxation area and it has its own swimming pool. Unlike other spas which are more Thai or Balinese styled, the Majestic Spa is a breath of fresh air, something exclusively different to suit the colonial building… The treatments offered have a distinctive British flavour, which will make you smile at the thought of it. How can you not smile when thinking of some Queen Victoria’s Lavender and English Afternoon Tea… And nope, to confirm it.. you are not consuming anything here.. but your skin is.. hahaha…


I was served a nice glass of hot chamomile tea, I chose chamomile tea.. they had a cocktail or is it a mocktail offered as well as soon as I got there..

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Then I was led to the changing room, which reminded me of a gymnasium locker room and given a locker. Inside the locker is a towel, slippers, a robe, disposable undies, a bottle of mineral water and a plastic bag.. I got out of my clothing and changed to the disposable undies and wore the robe and slippers..


My spa therapist was a young Balinese girl, who was very professional and polite and led me to an atrium on the first floor where she placed my feet in a basin of lavender foot bath while she then administered a gentle but relaxing head massage using some rosemary hair oil..

When she has completed it, she used a foot scrub containing lavender, thyme, mint and rosemary with definitely invigorating scents to scrub my feet before rinsing it off and drying them on a towel..

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The Majestic Spa is obviously ideal for couples so if you and your significant other want to indulge yourselves and  get pampered together, you can…as there are two chairs, two massage beds etc in the rooms I was brought to…

I was then brought to the treatment suite for my Malaya Golden Chersonese experience..

On the menu..



2.5 Hrs Double RM1,750 / Single RM875

Our couples experience celebrates the epic journey of Isabella Lucy Bird in British Malaya and her bold passion for adventure. One of the most influential female explorers and writers of her time, this intrepid Englishwoman spent most of her childhood very sickly. She grew to dread the conformities of domestic life in England. So upon the suggestion of her doctor and with 100 pounds in her pocket, Isabella commenced a journey that in a lifetime saw her circumvent the globe three times over. Her time spent in British Malaya is famously chronicled in “The Golden Chersonese” – the ancient name of the Malay Peninsula. Ms. Bird’s evocative account of Malaya ignites the imagination of an exotic and exquisite land. Brilliantly plumed birds, delectable fruits, and heavenly fragrant flowers were the subject of detailed study, as she marveled over the richness and plentitude of natural beauty found here in Malaysia.

For Her:

  • Banana Honey Hair Masque
  • Papaya Coconut Scrub
  • Lime Blossom Bath
  • Bunga Rampai Massage

For Him:

  • Banana Honey Hair Masque
  • Malaya Herbs Scrub
  • Herbal Steam *
  • East Indian Spice Massage)

Doesn’t that sounds so exotic and delectable.. and the treatment is surely all that…but unfortunately I was the only one going through this experience..

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I was told to lie on the spa bed.. my spa therapist began her administrations with my hair, massaging it gently before  applying the banana honey hair masque from the bowl all over my hair..

Once she was done with my hair, she moved on to rub me down with a mixture of the papaya coconut scrub which looks just so amazing also before use,  the scrub is slowly applied ok n circukar motion over every part of my body to remove dead skin cells and soften the skin. Yes, with the scrub, her hands feel like sand paper…

Halfway through the treatment, she  placed an eye mask over my eyes to relax my eyes while she finished scrubbing me gently…

Then she headed to the shower and turned on the water to me to a comfortable warm temperature and handed me a towel. I was then told to go and shower but told not to use the soap or shampoo…

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When I was done, she help me don a brown sarong, and urged me into the bathtub where the lime blossom bath had been prepared. There were orchids in the water and yes, it smelled deliciously citrusy as how the lime smelled like.. She gave me 10minutes to soak in private, returning to check if all was comfortable after 5 minutes…


Then I got out of the bath and lay back on the spa bed and she began the Bunga Rampai massage using frangipani and pandan essential oils. It was so relaxing getting the muscles kneaded gently, I even dozed off a couple of times during the massage..

Once it was done, I really have to say I feel just so brand new…  Refreshed and rejuvenated.


Once you finish the treatment, you can make use of the steam room or go for a swim if you so like…

So go and get yourself pampered, surprise your other half and bring him or her here for your anniversary or yes, it is perfect for honeymooning couples as well…or just indulge yourselves for the heck of it.. after all life is short, live life lah…

Address- The Majestic Spa by Spa Village, The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur, 5 Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin, 50000 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-2785 8070


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