Ocean Park Summer Splash 2017

As part of Ocean Park’s year-long 40th anniversary celebrations, this year’s Ocean Park Summer Splash will take guests on a trip down memory lane to revisit their childhood summertime. From 1 July to 27 August 2017, guests will be mesmerised by an exhilarating wave of summer activities and attractions.

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Hot happenings include Hong Kong’s largest-ever sand sculptures created by celebrated US sculptor Ray Villafane, especially for Ocean Park Summer Splash and an exclusive collaboration with classic Hong Kong brand LT Duck to bring thousands of yellow rubber
ducks to the Park.

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In addition to the above, Ocean Park will also be introducing additional watersplashing
attractions and not-to-be-missed succulent snacks to help beat the summer heat.

DIY Sandbox (2)

This year’s summer fun will feature an exciting Wet & Wild Sand Party which will turn Applause Pavilion into an exuberant summer beach. Famous sculptor, Ray Villafane and his team built three gigantic sand sculptures, including Hong Kong’s largest one to date – a 153-square-metre wide and 6- metre tall installation that features Ocean Park’s signature rides and animal ambassadors. Guests can see how these mind-blowing giant sand sculptures come to life during Sand Art Mastery Live and have the chance to bury their hands into some sand, unleashing their creativity at the DIY Sandbox workshops.

Wild Foam Zone (3)

As for water sports enthusiast, be prepared to get drenched at thrilling water-splashing
games which include Wild Foam Zone, Mega Gush and Super Spray Tunnel.

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Tapping into everyone’s childhood memories of bath time, Ocean Park’s collaboration with iconic toy label LT Duck will see Whiskers Harbour brimming with the famous ducks. A total of 6,500 cute yellow rubber ducks will be afloat at the Duckie Family Pond, at the same time, providing the public a hot spot for selfies.

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For a truly complete experience, a series of LT Duck-themed savoury and sweet delights will be made available, including a generous-sized LT Duck Trio Lemon Macaron Filled with Fresh
Fruits, a 35-ounce LT Duck Soda Bucket that is perfect for sharing and LT Duck Snack Boxes at Aqua City Bakery and selected food kiosks. Not-to-be-missed are the Duckie DIY Corner and pop-up Little Duckie Store, which allows guests to make their own LT Ducks with personalised messages and find lovely souvenirs to take home as keepsakes.

Panda Häagen-Dazs™ Strawberry Ice Cream with Butter Cookies

In conjunction with the summer happenings, Ocean Park will take your taste buds on a journey of appetising delights at Neptune’s and Tuxedos Restaurants. The four-course Midsummer Breeze Menu presents hearty summer dishes featuring in-season fruits and vegetables, topped off with beach themed Panda Haagen-Dazs TM Strawberry Ice Cream with Butter Cookies. Other options such as Japanese Cold Soba and Iced Mango Skewer made available at food kiosks will be the best light treats for guests to quench their thirst before proceeding to enjoy an array of Summer Splash activities.

Summer Fiesta Semi-buffet Dinner

Guests with a bigger appetite should head to the Lakeside BBQ Fest, which offers a variety of mouthwatering eatables on the banks of the beautiful lagoon or visit the Summer Seafood Delight Semi Buffet Dinner which features sustainable seafood like the Alaskan king crab leg and the Australian lobster as well as many more at Neptune’s Restaurant.

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The Park’s summer-only snorkelling programme at the Grand Aquarium Exploration returns in July, allowing guests to become immersed in the Park’s signature attraction.

Led by a professional diver, guests will encounter colourful coral fishes such as the shy butterflyfish, painted triggerfish, bluestripped snapper, fusilier and angelfish. This will provide them with an excellent opportunity to learn about the marine life and conservation efforts. Guests who are interested in the companion package for two participants that is available during the weekday programme can register online on Ocean Park’s website.

Ocean Park will also launch its Summer Night promotion starting 14 July 2017, with extended operating hours on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, offering guests additional time to enjoy the refreshing attractions. Between 14 July to 27 August (except 26 August), guests can enjoy the summer vibes away from the scorching heat with a close-to-50% discount for admissions after 5 p.m., while daytime guests can continue to enjoy the Park’s attractions and facilities until 9 p.m. at no additional charge.

Lakeside BBQ Fest and a few other attractions as well as facilities at The Waterfront will remain open until 11 p.m. Summer Night admission tickets can be purchased at 7-Eleven stores, Ocean Park Ticketing Office and official website.

Ticket holders can also enjoy a one-off discount with a value up to RM27 (HK$50)
upon presenting the night time ticket at the Lakeside Chill Fest. For those looking for an indoor place to cool off, the Summer Seafood Delight Semi-Buffet Dinner Package is available on weekends throughout the Summer Night promotion. Guests can enter the Park after 5 p.m. to enjoy the Park’s attractions and the delectable Summer Seafood Delight Semi-Buffet Dinner at Neptune’s Restaurant with magnificent view of Grand Aquarium’s main tank as the backdrop.


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  1. Hong kong is the nice place to be visited. My children definitely will crazy if seeing this post.
    Thanks for your sharing, put in my must visit list when travel to hong kong.


  2. Don’t I just love to be able to go to Ocean Park during its anniversary celebration? With so much fun lined up, I am going stay inside from morning till night!


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