Life in a city can be pretty stressful, we encounter hot tempered people, traffic jams, idiots and never ending pollution, bills, taxes, and this is discounting the fact, our kids or spouses or other family members can also be irritating or annoying at times and the list goes on…


Yes, it can be pretty hard trying to eliminate the stress related to our modern life, but well, we can at least reduce it, and a spa treatment is normally the best way to offer you a couple of hours or so of relaxing break from your hectic life, soothe your nerves, and allows you to refocus on yourself to find that inner peace.

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That is why indulging in a spa treatment is not just all about beauty and wellness but it also works wonders on our health.. I for one have plenty of tense muscles in my body from the things I went through and the things I go through and strongly believe in indulging myself with a great spa treatment from time to time..  after all,  there have been studies  that have proven that body massages helps reduce stress level, boost your natural defenses and immune system, remove toxins, improve circulation, and reduce blood pressure and of course, taking care of your body, face and mind definitely helps delay visible signs of aging…

So even if some people consider a spa retreat a waste of money or superfluous luxury, it really should be considered a necessity.  Yours truly was over at the Osta Salon and Spa recently to release my stress as long as to get myself pampered…

The Osta Salon and Spa is located at the Publika Shopping Gallery, Solaris Dutamas..

The name Osta means patient, persevering and strong willed. However, the owner named the spa Osta which actually means “Haven” in the Latvian language, and that is exactly what it is.. The Osta Salon and Spa is a beautiful haven for the weary soul and mind seeking succour and comfort.. or well.. pampering..

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The spa is not too big, with just about four concept treatment rooms you can choose from – subject to availability… which are the Garden, Traditional, Moroccan and Facial room and they are just so beautifully decorated…

Osta Salon And Spa is exclusively for females only and welcomes clients who wish to have quiet pampering sessions or little groups of friends looking for some fun filled  memorable spa party, a birthday celebration with your besties or even pre-bridal celebrations etc..

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 Osta Salon And Spa believes in holistic approach for its clients ultimate health and beauty in the long run and they only use selections of high quality, organic and traditional products with ECOCERT and COSMEBIO Certified Organic Skin and Body Care from Switzerland and France.

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The spa menu consists of selections of full body massage, full body scrub, signature body pampering session, hand rejuvenator, foot recovery, intimacy care and bridal package. But you can also drop by for just a mani or pedi if you so like…

I was there to try out their Signature ARISE Anti-Aging Body Pampering treatment RM328-388

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I was given a nice refreshing glass of infused water before being shown into the Garden room. After getting changed into the given disposable underwear and clad with a towel, I was told by my therapist, a lovely Malay girl name Fyza to lie on the spa bed..


Fyza then started giving me a 90 minute relaxing Body Organic Baume Massage, with just the right pressure that made me doze off because it was just so soothing and comfortable.. then it was followed with a brisk scrub using the ARISE Body Bamboo Scrub for 30 mins for to enhance body micro circulation and nourish our skin for better moisture retention…Arise Swiss Alpine skincare uses the Edelweiss extract as their key ingredient which is rich in anti oxidants, prevent ageing and promote cell regeneration…

Then I was told to shower in the bathtub.. it might seem slightly cramped, but you just need to get comfortable, sit down in the tub and shower the scrub off. I did love the shower gel.. it smelled lovely…


When I was done, I got dressed and once I was outside, I was offered the use of the hair dryer and served some chamomile tea with a piece of small exclusive Royce chocolate…

If you like the products used, you can actually order or purchase some from Osta Salon and Spa to use at home..

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Overall, I had a great time, the ambiance was very luxurious, classy and the staff are very professional and also friendly . The staff do their best to make you as comfortable as they can. So if you are in need of some pampering, you really should check them out..

Address- Publika Shopping Gallery, A1-UG1-09, Solaris Dutamas, No. 1, Jalan Dutamas 1,  Kuala Lumpur

Call 03-62079006 for reservation

Opens on Tuesday to Sunday 10am – 8pm







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