FAVEPAY for cashless transactions and cashbacks


Everyone knows of Groupon, which was the go-to place to find the most amazing deals on meals, beauty treatments, travel and a lot more! Since Groupon Malaysia has rebranded itself to becoming Fave, it is also becoming a lifestyle site which still offers the best deals on meals, treatments, travel, and so on… and well… they have more up their sleeves as well…

For instance, Fave has their own app now, which you can download from the ios or Android store…


And Fave has introduced their FavePay feature, to encourage customers to going cashless which is a lot more simple and fun since we are also earning cashback on meals & delicious treats from your favorite shops..

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FavePay, allows for merchants to build & retain their customer base, and convenience of a cashless experience for customers to use the app the cashless way – practically the exact same way you book your Uber or Grab when you have your credit card or debit card registered.., and yes, Fave Pay is using the exact same system, so rest assured, your credit card or debit card is safe…


Using FavePay is pretty convenient and easy since all you have to do is register your credit or debit card or your choice of spending card – if you are like me and have a specific bank account for all these kind of spending (so we don’t overspend etc)… Once done, you can just open the Fave app and click on to FavePay (the little icon on the bottom  centre of the page) wherever you are and see which merchant or shop is accepting FavePay.. then head there, and inform them you are using FavePay to pay.

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All you have to do is just key in the amount of spending you are going to do and show it to the merchant, they probably take note of the transaction number and shop and, yup, it is done….

I found it so simple when I was over at the Tanoshii Dezato to indulge my sweet tooth in one of those Taiyaki and soft serve ice cream..


..and again when dining out with my hubs at O Brien’s KLCC where I show off to my husband I did not need my purse or cash, but just my smartphone to buy him a meal…hehehe

If you haven’t tried out Fave yet, download the app and well, feel free to use the code: FAVEMIERA – which will get you 30% off on your 1st Fave purchase!

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