Paradise found at Fifty4Ferns Resort, Janda Baik, Pahang

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Fifty4Ferns Resort caught my attention when a friend of mine shared the video of it… it was a gorgeous paradise in nature and I was mesmerized..  So I decided a trip there was imperative..


Going to Fifty4Ferns isn’t that far if you are traveling from Kuala Lumpur or Selangor.. it is about 45 km North East of Kuala Lumpur, the same route you take to go to Genting Highlands.. except it just slightly , very slightly further away then turning into Genting…


Fifty4Ferns is located at the foothills of the main mountain range in Kampung Cheringin Janda Baik, Pahang, and getting there is a little bit of a challenge.. we used Waze to find our way there, but internet connection isn’t too stable around here, it’s just like Chipsmore –  now you see it, now you don’t, but worry not, there are signages to guide you along the way, just look out for it.. and well, the other challenge is the road into the resort is, gulp, a narrow one way road…so you really have to navigate your way slowly and surely.. or risk falling into the ravine..


IMG_20170813_182604_2-01-1152x864Once you get there, however, you will find yourself in paradise, surrounded by lush green foliage and clear ice-cold streams, chirping birds … and the view will take your breath away… and the weather… is definitely fresh and cool as to be expected from the highlands … No smog here for sure… I can breathe the fresh air in deeply…

Fifty4Fern is about 8 hectares wide. It is owned by Tan Sri Khamil Jamil, who originally planned the place as a weekend retreat for he and his family, however, with the kids grown up and not coming back that often, he decided to turn the place into a resort and open it to public. Yours truly was lucky to meet him, and he is such a nice, friendly and humble man…


With respect and love for the nature, Tan Sri Khamil has invested a great deal of efforts in building the resort around the lovely landscape to complement it, even the bridge across a little river towards to jacuzzi and treehouse has a hole in the middle especially for the tree growing there..

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There are many unique plants and flowers there, including a few weeping willow trees which originates from Australia, En Azhar, our host and who is the resort manager pointed them out to us on a little tour around the resort.. as well as the errr, Sundal Malam plant, Namu –Namu tree, Assam Gelugur tree, Bread Flower/ kesidang plant, Golden Shower tree, Ginger Torch Flowers, Queen of the Night cactus/ Bakawali etc…etc…

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Our chalet was called Lantana, named after some Shrub Verbenas. It was cosy and came with a generous king size bed and a sofa bed and can accommodate 4 adults or 2 adults and 2 children. There is also a TV with limited Astro for main channels, Diva, Astro Ceria and I don’t know… because I was fighting with my daughter over Diva and Astro Ceria Channels… there is also coffee and tea making facilities, a refrigerator with snacks and soft drinks at a reasonable price… and complimentary mineral water.

There is both an air conditioner and a fan in the room though I do not think we need the air conditioner, unless it is a very hot day..

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The toilet was also very stylish and clean, and I loved the towels.. so high quality, soft and fluffy.. and the water pressure/ temperature adjustment in the bathroom is just perfect…

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My daughter loved the hammock which was just in front of our chalet… as well as the stingray tent that is fastened securely over the little river.. you can actually dip your legs into the cold water through the zip hole in the middle of the tent and even slip into the river if you like.. Or you can just sit or lie there, listen to the burbling and gushing water and let the peace and calm surround you…


There are bicycles provided for those who would want to cycle around the area on first come first served basis for free… or better still take a walk, a stroll, the weather is just perfect and you won’t be sweating profusely..

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The swimming pool is simply magnificent…and ideal for both adults, with the deepest end only being 4 feet deep…and a little side pool for the kiddos…


For Muslims, there is a pretty little surau, made with glass doors and white billowing curtains right in the middle where Tan Sri Khamil also uses, so you can use it too for your solat…

Do take note that, Fifty4Ferns do not serve lunch and dinner in the resort nor can  you find any within walking distance. The closest will have to be on the main road which is about a 5 to 10 minutes drive for a proper meal. And since, the road is kinda narrow and inside a jungle, it can be quite dangerous when it gets dark or rain, so it is advisable that you bring some snacks or food with you, or head out early to eat and get back before dusk…

My mini me, my partner in crime loved the place but she was just annoyed over one thing… and that was that she could not get online… since the telco network was so so, there is free WIFI available but only at certain areas… so it is indeed a great place to bond with family and friends minus gadgets…

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Breakfast was served at the kitchen area near the Fern’s Estate where the meal was simple but good.. there were fried bee hoon, nasi lemak and bread, butter and jam served with Teh Tarik, Milk, orange juice and plain water..

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There is even a petting zoo, but it is temporarily closed when I was there for renovation/etc.

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The kids are excited though when evening comes and they get to feed the fishes in the lake/ponds which are plentiful… imagine.. one whole sack of fish food for the fishes every day….

Overall, I have to say it was a really amazing stay where nature, comfort and serenity is the main agenda… and I would really love to visit again… with the whole family if possible..

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Do be sure to check out this beautiful paradise if you are in need of a getaway… (click here to see my little video tour of the fifty4ferns resort)

You can also check out the other beautiful Janda Baik villas around the area which are pretty impressive and breathtaking as well…

Add- Lot 12188 Lorong Cheringin, Janda Baik, 28750 Bentong, Pahang

Facebook –

Call Ms. Noreen 0193883454 or En. Azhar 0193454284 for reservation.

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