We Malaysians are lucky to be exposed to all kinds of cuisine, living in a multiracial community..  Chinese, Indian, Malay, Nyonya, Portuguese, etc,etc… Different ethnics have different styles of cooking.. some are more bland or less spicy, and some with more bite than the others, but no matter what, each dish is interesting in their own way..


Sepiring, a home-grown restaurant chain, being proud of this colourful heritage, has a menu that carries an exciting variety with recipes from all corners of Malaysia with the vision  of ‘bringing people together one plate at a time’.

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Presently, Sepiring is introducing three new offerings to their enticing menu that is inspired by the heavenly King of Fruits, known as the ‘OH MY DURIAN!’ consisting a bowl of Durian Laksa, Durian Coffee and last but not least, Dodol Durian Cendol…


Yes, you heard it right, Durian Laksa.. if you are wincing, so did I.. I was arguing with some friends on how it would taste like and if it was like a fear factor challenge thingie… but before you ask, I cannot wrap my head around enjoying ‘tempoyak’ either…


The Durian Laksa RM20.90, is definitely a unique – almost kinda scary – dish with a perfect combination of spices and luscious durian. And braving myself, I took a tiny sip of the gravy… and you know what.. it was followed but a bigger spoonful of the gravy and another mouthful.. it was really pretty good… with the pungent durian actually intensifying the taste…


The Durian Coffee comes with the rich aroma of coffee, which you can choose served hot or cold, with a hint of durian taste in each sip. Order yourself a glass of the iced Durian Coffee for RM13.90 or a hot one for RM12.

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The Dodol Durian Cendol RM13.90 might not be much of a surprise, since practically many places serve up Durian Cendol already.. but Sepiring’s version has some generous slices of durian dodol as well as a scoop of D24 durian for the intensified flavourful dessert..


For those who are not fans of durian or wanting more, do be sure to check out the other best sellers at Sepiring, such as the Nyonya Nasi Ulam RM25.90 , which is essentially rice mixed-up with various herbs and vegetables for a little bit of an edge.. But with ingredients like kerisik (dry-toasted coconut), onions, long beans and kacang botol  in there, you can be assured of a super flavourful serving.. The Ayam Percik is definitely juicy, tender and yummy.. the dish comes served with half a salted duck’s egg on the side as well as some Keropok Lekor and some kerabu.. and that Keropok Lekor is just sheer irresistible, even for someone like me that is not too fond of deep fried food…


I for one cannot resist some good Nasi Kunyit, and the Nasi Kunyit with Chicken Curry RM15.90, is really scrumptious. It comes served with half a hard boiled egg on sambal, cucumber and a bowl of chicken curry…which is perfectly done… yes… highly recommended..


Another dish that is mouth wateringly good is the Penang Assam Laksa RM18.90. The thick rice noodles comes with flavourful fish broth made with shredded Mackerel, tamarind and ginger flower, and garnished with shredded cucumber, onions and bits of pineapple and chilli slices.. Just a whiff of it and your mouth will be watering…


Do not forget to try the Penang Rojak RM12.90, which is a healthy mixture of  fresh fruit, vegetable, homemade shrimp paste sauce and crushed peanuts..

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The best is always saved for the last… and well.. if you walk into Sepiring and can only afford one dish, you really HAVE to order this… the Durian Pancake RM14.90, also fondly referred to as Durian Crepe, this pancake is filled with fresh pure durian and cream.. and for durian lovers, it is like tasting a bit of heaven with each bite…


Anyway, just so you know, Sepiring is giving out a small hot dessert to any customer who post pictures of the new durian dishes with hashtag #SepiringOhMyDurian to their social media.. all you have to do is post the pic to your instagram or facebook with the hashtag above and then show the picture to any of their staff and you can redeem your hot dessert on the spot..

For more info, check out http://www.sepiring.com.my/



  1. I don’t eat too much durian but the dishes that you shared here like durian pancake and all are making me very very curious. This looks like must try for hardcore foodies.


  2. I am truly intrigue about the durian laksa 🙂
    Its cool that in Malaysia and even in Singapore, they love durian. Here in the Philippines, we like it when it turns to candies and other delicacies, and not as a fruit.


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