Hikers, please take note, Bukit Broga is temporarily closed… so, I am sorry to point out,  no more recreational activities or hiking there for the next few months…

Bukit Broga is located at the edge of the Titiwangsa Range. The hill, about 400m in altitude, is famous for its unique appearance as you cannot find too many trees there, which is an unusual sight at a tropical rainforest. Remnants of burnt out tree trunks suggests that the place was ravaged by a forest fire and the trees just did not regrow.

Notis Papan Tanda Penutupan Bukit Broga

Bukit Broga is easily climbed by most people, therefore becoming a frequent destination for casual hikers. The hilltop offers a good view of the surrounding area and has become a popular picnic and photography spot.

Bukit Broga became increasingly popular after some scenes from a local movie “Ola Bola” were filmed here. However, despite the fame, there were recent developments of the hillside that have kind of permanently damaged the unique beauty of this hill.

Because of that, the Selangor government along with the Selangor Economic Action Council (SEAC) has decided to temporarily close all recreational activities and tourism in Bukit Broga to enable restoration of land at Bukit Broga immediately by the Public Works Department which was the result of exploration activities on state land in Bukit Broga area of 143 acres…

The closure is naturally to protect visitors and hikers from falling and injuring themselves while hiking, as well as to avoid any untoward incidents that may result from exploitation of the land…

YB Puan Elizabeth Wong di Sidang Media Penutupan Sementara Bukit Broga

This temporary closure period, which is estimated at 3 months is subject to completion of the work will be fully implemented by the Public Works Department. The restoration is said to include covering the hill’s slopes to halt erosion, constructing a drain on the terrace to ensure better water flow, and planting signal grass to stop soil erosion.

In addition the Selangor Economic Action Council agreed to gazette Bukit Broga and 143 hectares of surrounding land from ordinary state-owned land to a public recreational site, providing it with special protection.  31 acres of land has also been set aside for use by the Orang Asli community.


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