Of Nasi Lemak Pancakes, Cendol Cooler and other yummy delights at Pancake House International…

I have a problem.. I am on a diet but I like nasi lemak… and well, everyone knows Nasi Lemak can  be fattening.. so the solution? Hmmm.. the solution could actually come in the form of the Nasi Lemak Pancakes.. hehehe, an interesting fusion dish at the Pancake House International Malaysia
What??? Nasi Lemak Pancakes? If you are balking at the thought of it, believe me, it was like that for me, too.. when the dish appeared on my table in front of me…

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But I gave in with a little “What the Heck?” And tried it.  And eh.. it wasn’t atrocious.. it was in fact pretty yummy. The pancake had some Pandan flavour in it and the sweet spicy sambal, cucumbers, sunny side up fried egg, anchovies, and fried chicken was actually more then palatable and rather delicious..
So here are some of the dishes you really ought to try if you find yourself near or at the Pancake House …
Nasi Lemak Pancake and Cendol Cooler (RM27.90) or just Nasi Lemak Pancake Ala Carte (RM19.90)

As mentioned above, you get two generous slices of pandan flavored pancake with some cucumbers and sweet spicy sambal in between. Then the pancake is topped with a sunny side up fried egg, and anchovies and peanuts on the side and fried chicken..The Cendol Cooler is also pretty yummy for those who loves stopping by the roadside to order their bowl of cendol…



Luscious Lemon Pancake Peak (RM17.70)

This is actually pretty yummehhh.. You get a stack (6 pancakes) of smaller sized pancakes with generous serving of cream cheese and of course, some lemon-flavored syrup and lemon zest gives you that gives a lovely citrus taste, perfecto…


Blueberry Pancake ( RM 16.60 ( 2pcs) / RM 18.80(3 pcs)
I could not resist this delicious blueberry-filled golden pancakes with syrup. The generously sized fluffy pancakes is beautifully made with some blueberry jam in it and served with a dollop of more blueberry jam and some butter on top of it… sheer indulgence….
House Burger (RM 21.05) 
Yup, Pancake House International does not only serves lovely pancakes.. but also other delicious menu.. you can try their juicy burger patty served with mushrooms,chicken strips, lettuce and tomato on a lovely toasted bun with French fries  and salad on the side as well.
Daing na Bangus (Pickled Deboned Milkfish) (RM 26.60)
Deboned Milkfish marinated in a special house blend and pan-fried to golden perfection served with Garlic Rice and mango salsa.. I think Daing Na Bangus is actually a speciality food normally only found in the Philippines but you can indulge in this sumptous Philippines favorite here at Pancake House.. it is really yummeh for fish lovers…
Waffle Foldover (RM 14.35) 
This irresistible golden waffle is irresistible to ice cream or waffle lovers.. it is filled with peanut butter and 2 super generous scoops of vanilla ice cream and candy-coated choco bites on the inside….
For more info, do check out http://pancakehouseinternational.com.my

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