So yours truly was over at the AquariaKLCC where they unveiled the longest Jalur Gemilang in commemoration of our 60th National Day celebrations as well as the 12th anniversary of Aquaria KLCC.


Measuring 60m-long, the impressively long flag went around and across the entire oceanarium bringing the Malaysia Book of Records (MBR) achievements to a total five records.

Aquaria KLCC Group managing director and chief executive officer Dato’ Simon Foong greeted his guests and members of the media inside the aquarium at the aquatheatre, flanked by an albino turtle and a giant grouper fish.


The award ceremony then featured a patriotic choir performance from the Ministry of Education, while waiting for Dato’ Simon to get changed into his normal clothes.


Dato’ Simon Foong was presented with the official certificate by Malaysia Book of Records founder Tan Sri Danny Ooi in front of  the Aquatheatre.

It took 10 staff and three hours to put up the flag made of nylon fabric with chains attached to the bottom of the flag to prevent it from moving in the aquarium. Before the flag was attached in the aquarium, it was tested and ensured the dye of the flag is not toxic and safe for marine lives.


AquariaKLCC is an oceanarium showcasing over 5000 different exhibits of aquatic creatures over a sprawling 60k square-foot space.


It was divided into 8 zones. Every zone showcases different species of aquatic animals; from the evolution zone, the stream, shipwreck, deep forest, the coast, living ocean, weird and wonderful and station aquarius.


We were naturally fascinated by the red bellied piranhas at the Piranha Tank.

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Then the gene pool is where it fascinates us the most…since we could touch the fascinating starfish, bamboo shark, sea cucumber…


Then you will be fascinated by the Electric Zone where the electrical eels and fishes reside, ready to shock or fry their enemies with the electricity running through their bodies.

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Then who can resist the adorable faces of those Asian Small Clawed Otter, just before you venture into the Shipwreck to see those coral fishes and shrimps…or crayfishes…

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From there, head to the Deep Forest and be amazed by all the gigantic fresh water giant fishes from the Giant Arapaima to catfishes and so on… before you venture to the Coast and mangroves…

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Naturally, the highlight of the place is the Living Ocean, where you can find nurse sharks, Giant Stingrays, Giant Shovelnose rays, turtles and even Giant Groupers surprising you from the corners… I know I am always fascinated by the Royal Nanhai Shipwreck replica, and to watch fishes play hide and seek…

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Over at the Weird and Wonderful, you can check out weird and interesting sea creatures…

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 Do not miss out on Station Aquarius where there are many interesting laboratories… and even workshops that are provided for visitors to experience and learn about the animals. You will definitely feel like a scientist here….

Aquaria KLCC will also host a series of activities this week featuring quizzes and educational content about our country and natural wonders.

For more info, check out www.aquariaklcc.com



  1. To be honest, I really need to have a visit at least once to Aquaria KLCC as I have not been there before ^.^” Looking at those fishies (especially those jellyfish) really make me feel that our world is big <3<3<3


  2. I have been here before. I didn’t know that we can touch some of the fish there. Haha. Must go again. I really enjoyed the last time I went.


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