Dinner at The Terrace Bar and Grill, The Kuala Lumpur Journal Hotel

The Kuala Lumpur Journal is one of my favorite hang out places. It is like ‘going home’ because well, it is a pretty stylish boutique hotel in KL city centre, beautifully designed with an inviting relaxed vibe where nostalgia meets industrial chic and well, the staff are all friendly and make you feel at home..


I love having lunch there at the Kedai Kopi Journal because where else in Kuala Lumpur can you indulge in a semi buffet with a beautiful sumptuous main course for just RM20 per person..  I swear I cannot get enough of the mushroom soup and the Barramundi fish.. since I am a seafood person…


However, today I want to share a new discovery.. which is the Terrace, located on the first floor of the Kuala Lumpur Journal Hotel.. You see, when you head upstairs via the lift, you come to Worker’s Union, which is basically a great co-working area, and outside the Worker’s union is a lush alfresco oasis, which is very picturesque and instagram worthy with weather-beaten tables and where you can just relaxed after working hours and unwind as you watch the sky turn dark….


Did you know that they actually serve some really yummy dishes here too… You can actually take your pick of Western dishes such as Caesar Salad, Farmers Chicken Pie, Fish and Chips, Pizza Magherita or Asian dishes such as Nasi Goreng Kampung, Kuey Teow Soup, Satay etc..


I was there with my mini me and well, we had a good meal there, enjoying the balmy evening and great music.. yup, they had a Blues Band performing then on a Tuesday evening and the music was really good.. you really should go listen…


My daughter ordered the Nasi Goreng Kampung, RM25 and a glass of plain water.. the Nasi Goreng Kampung is basically fried long grained rice/ nasi basmati, stir fried with shredded chicken, anchovies, shrimp paste, watercress and soya sauce. It comes served with a nice sunny side up egg, some fish crackers and a few sticks of grilled chicken satay.. the taste was flavorful and good. My daughter loved it, mind you.. she can be pretty picky at times..


..and I could not resist having the Grilled Atlantic Salmon Souvlaki, RM39… and a glass of juice.. My salmon came on a wooden platter looking super inviting. It consisted of salmon medallions on skewers, the salmon have been marinated with masala spice with onions and red capsicum and grilled to perfection, and not overdone and came served with some minty chutney and a wedge of lemon. I have to say that it is worth every ringgit since we all know salmon is not a cheap fish and the portion was generous…


  The Terrace Bar and Grill is also accessible via a separate old fashion steel spiral staircase located at street level near the Kedai Kopi Journal and I highly recommend it, if you want great food, good music and for great company, just bring your love ones or besties… Do check out the schedule for the music though, as I think they have different music on certain nights only…. https://www.facebook.com/thekljournal/

Address – 30, Jalan Beremi, Bukit Bintang, 50200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel –  03-2110 2211

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