Jom makan, Malaysia – UberEATS is here!

There is no denying it that Malaysians love to eat. And well, we are also blessed with just so many food choices in terms of cuisine, restaurants, cafes etc…

But there can be a problem, especially when it comes to looking for your favorite food especially during meal times.. that would be having to brave traffic, fight for parking, or line up in queues etc .. However with the launch of the UberEATS, Malaysians can now connect with the food they love. How convenient and awesome is that…


Powered by the same pioneering technology that made ride-hailing a norm around the world, UberEATS lets Malaysian consumers enjoy the power of choice at the touch of a button for culinary experiences and greater dining choices in the comfort of their own home, office or wherever they are.

We can now eat what we want, whenever we want. It can be at the park, exploring the city, or coordinating dinner from your desk – find what you’re craving, tap a button, and just let UberEATS handle the rest.

Initial restaurants on the app comprise a mix of Malaysian favourites along with other Asian and Western delights from Kuala Lumpur-based restaurant partners. Among the restaurant partners currently active on the platform are Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa, Inside Scoop, Sitka Restaurant and Mikey’s Original New York Pizza.


And since yours truly was there at the launch held at Le Blanc, I had the opportunity to try out some delicacies from Real Food, ice cream from Inside Scoop, Malaysian favorite nasi lemak from Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa and  fine dining noms specially prepared right in front of our eyes from Sitka Restaurant….

UberEATS is now serving KL neighbourhoods, in the Kuala Lumpur central business district, Bangsar and Damansara Heights from 9.00am to midnight, seven days a week; with plans to grow quickly and in the near future.

Payment can made through credit and debit cards, with an initial delivery time of 35 minutes. There will be a RM5.00 delivery fee and no minimum order. Additionally, UberEATS Malaysia has worked closely with JAKIM to ensure its delivery methods address concerns over halal requirements. Though both Halal and non-halal options are available; both will be packed and sealed separately

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So how to order…

1) Go to Google Play or App Store and select “UberEATS: Food Delivery” to install
2) Register your details: Name, email address, mobile phone number and login password
3) Verify your details with a verification code that will be sent to your phone
​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​How​ ​to​ ​use​ ​UberEATS:
1. Tell​ ​us​ ​where​ ​to​ ​deliver​ – add your home, work, or any other address or location you’d like
2. Browse​ ​local​ ​restaurants​ – search for your favourite local spot or select from a list of restaurants available.
3. Check​ ​out​ ​with​ ​a​ ​tap​ – pay with your card already on file and enjoy free delivery during the introductory period.
4. Track​ ​your​ ​order​ – watch as your order is prepared, picked up, and delivered straight to you.

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Payment​ ​Method:
UberEATS currently accepts credit and debit cards as payment methods. We are working hard to bring cash as a payment choice for you.

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Join in the conversation and share your UberEATS experience on Instagram with the hashtag #UberEATSKL and tag @UberEATS_MY.

Enter the promo code KLTASTY ​to enjoy free delivery on your first 3 orders*!
*Valid until 21 October 2017

For more information on UberEATS, visit



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