If you find yourself in Resorts World Genting, never say you have nothing to eat, it would be a lie.. especially with the presence of the new SkyAvenue mall and with it all those cafes, restaurants, and some world classed restaurants you cannot easily find just anywhere else in Malaysia…


Today I am talking about a Brooklyn and East Village pizza place that had New York Times food reviewers claiming it to be the best authentic Neopolitan Italian pizza restaurant in New York, yes, I am talking about Motorino, a world-famous establishment which you can find now at the SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting – the first ever outlet in Malaysia…


Owned and operated by Belgian-Italian born chef Mathieu Palombino who makes Neapolitan-style pizza in wood ovens imported from Italy, Motorino has multiple outlets in New York, two in Hong Kong and Manila, one in Singapore and of course, this outlet here in Malaysia…


This very charming pizzeria with its white marble-topped tables and its large wood-fired pizza oven which had been shipped in from Naples, Italy creates and serves up made-to-order pizzas using ingredients such as the tomato paste and the olive oil exclusively flown in from Italy. There is a glass window that looks in to where the pizza chefs are preparing and cooking the pizza which is often crowded by curious passerbys looking at how the chefs prepare the food..

The dashing owner/ Chef Mathieu Palombino was at the restaurant to meet us and share a bit about how Motorino came about.. and he stressed on wanting to keep Motorino as intimate and personal as possible, like how it is meant to be in Naples and Italy, rather then opening a huge outlet..

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Motorino’s pizza is nothing like the pizzas at Dominos or Pizza Hut as it is a Neopolitan pizza.. and well, Neopolitan pizza is not meant to be thin and crispy nor it should be too loaded with toppings. The diameter of a typical Neopolitan pizza is 12 inches and the portion size is just nice for a person. In other words, it’s not meant to be shared. If there are two of you, it’s a good idea to order two pizzas as not to leave hungry.

Motorino’s pizza is made to order from scratch with fresh dough, which take 24 hours to prepare, homemade sauces and baked in a large wood-fired pizza oven which is what that attracts busybodies.. errr… I mean curious passer-bys or customers to watch it being made with fascination…These wood fired ovens are super hot and can cook a pizza in just about 3 minutes.


My mini me and I got to try out some of Motorino’s antipasti and pizzas which you can definitely taste the Motorino’s menu also offers some antipasti such as roasted chicken wings (3 pcs) RM20 which are chicken wings seasoned with olive oil, mint, lemon, chilli flakes, onions and sea salt for a light yet tasty treat….


We also got to try Motorino Meatballs RM26 which are chicken meatballs braised in tomato sauce with pecorino and basil.. and the verdict… these meatballs are pretty tasty and flavorful  freshness.

When it comes to the pizza, we had a great time trying out three different types of pizza…


The first pizza was the Margherita pizza RM52, which is a very simple yet delicious traditional pizza topped with tomato sauce, 2 types of cheese (mozzarella & pecorino), basil and extra virgin olive oil. This pizza is ideal for those who like light and simple pizzas.


The Pepperoni pizza RM63, which was the second pizza on the table is another classic pizza served in Motorino. With tomato sauce, mozzarella, beef pepperoni, extra virgin olive oil, fresh chili padi/birds eye chili, sea salt and pecorino, this traditional dish is savoury, flavourful and meaty. My daughter loved this pizza loads…


Last but not least, the Amatriciana pizza RM53 is comes topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella, minced chicken/ chicken sausage, scallion, pecorino and fresh chili padi.. it sure had the bite.. when you bite into one of the sliced chili padi found on the pizza..


To quench our thirst, I ordered a Banana ‘Pina Colada’ RM24 which tasted much like banana milkshake but with a little twist.. but whatever it is, it sure taste great..


My mini me, got herself a refreshing glass of Watermelon juice, freshly made RM24…., but of course, if you are non Muslim, you can also indulge in some fine Italian wines or even a selection of beers from around Europe…

Would I be back at Motorino for more Neopolitan pizzas, you bet.. how can I resist these great pizzas…

For more info, check out –

Motorino is located at Level 1, Sky Avenue.

Opens from 10 am to 10 pm daily.


  1. I’ve passed by Motorino a few times but have yet to taste the pizzas. I have to be extra careful when it comes to eating pizza as I don’t take beef but they are always the highly recommended ones!


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