Travel. Enjoy. Respect…

This year’s World Tourism Day held on 27 September, is all focused on Sustainable Tourism – a Tool for Development.


World Tourism Day which is an annual event organised by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), is challenging those who travel to travel, enjoy and respect the world and wherever they find themselves..

It does not come as a surprise, since we have heard of Malaysians badly behaving overseas and also tourists behaving badly in Malaysia as well as other places.

Personally, it disgust me no end, as I firmly believe in respecting the environment, the place, the country, the culture and everything, living or even the non living… so when I hear of such things, it shows how irresponsible and disrespectful or badly brought up an individual can be…


Anyway, for fellow tourists, let us stand by the new global public awareness campaign “Travel. Enjoy. Respect,” and travel responsibility so everyone can get a chance to enjoy what we enjoy as well..especially our future generation..

Tourism is after all the third largest export industry in the world after chemical and fuels, bringing hope, prosperity and understanding to many lives and livelihood all around the world…

Last year alone, 1.2 billon travellers crossed international borders, a figure that’s expected to grow to 1.8 billion by 2030.

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Malaysia itself has paved its way in becoming one of the major players in international tourism, with it being out second most important in terms of foreign exchange earnings. What use to be just about 5.5 million tourist arrivals back in 1998 has now grown to 26.7 million in 2016..

When traveling anywhere, be in in your own home country or overseas., please, please follow these, the UN’s tourist handbook offers these simple codes of conduct:

― Reduce your environmental impact by being a guardian of natural resources, especially forests and wetlands.

― Respect wildlife and their natural habitats.

― Purchase products that aren’t made using endangered plants or animals.

― In protected areas, access only the places open to visitors.

― Reduce your water and energy consumption whenever possible.

― Leave only a minimum footprint and a good impression behind.

Anyway, for those interested, Tourism Malaysia have formulated he National Eco Tourism Plan 2016-2025 which will maximise the potential of eco tourism and ensure sustainability. The plan will embody the spirit of the theme, uplifting communities, opportunities and economies

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Eco Tourism is after all important in reducing the loss of biodiversity in the region and providing an alternative source of income, becoming a positive economic incentive for communities that would otherwise utilise the forest in destructive ways, such as logging and agriculture.

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This would be in line with Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia’s mantra which is ‘Tourism protects, preserves and conserves mother nature, culture and heritage’ , and which should be ours as well as if we do not do this, what is left for our children, our grandchildren to enjoy in the future…

So when it comes to Eco Tourism and Sustainable tourism, the Homestay program are a classic example which empowers communities to uplift their income and quality of life as this program also allows tourists to live with a local family to experience local lifestyle, culture and tradition

MOTAC also organized WTD2017 Cycling Night Ride which was held at Putrajaya on 23rd September with about 190 participants from various agencies and partners..

Then there was a mini exhibition held which involves Taylor’s University, Limkokwing University, PPJ, MATTA, FELDA, Nest, BirdGroup Taman Negara and Cherating Eco-Trail by Legend Cherating Beach Resort as well as a discussion forum by panellists from Malaysian Association of Hotels, MATTA, Tourism Malaysia, Taylor’s University and Limkokwing University..

So yes, it was quite an interesting celebration… and let’s travel responsibility.. as I would tell my children, respect everything that surrounds you, even if it is the rooms, machinery, plants, not only humans… you never know who or what is watching.. and when I mean what.. it is God or even supernatural entities as well as animals that live in this world with the rest of us.. and regardless of what it is, we have to respect them so that they will respect us too..

Therefore, when you travel, so please remember to respect nature, respect culture and respect your host – be the change you want to see in the world for your future generations.. and be an ambassador for a better future…

Pictures taken from google, tourism Malaysia FB page, Malihom estates, and credit belong to them. Used here only for illustration purposes.

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