Amante Signature Warm Oil Therapy

After all those hours of working, playing, stressing etc, etc.. Our body can get too tired, and they weird thing is, you can find yourself unable to sleep well at night… And did you know constant fatigue actually leads to lower hormones reproduction and neurotransmitters?

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Beacause of this fatigue, you may find yourself suffering from anxiety, dizziness, depression, dry skin, poor blood circulation…

So you see, it is highly recommended to have some “me-time” from time to time in order to recharge yourself.. and what can be more relaxing then with a 90 minutes Amante Signature Warm Oil Therapy.

The Amante Signature Warm Oil Therapy is a crafted treatment that combines the benefit of hot stone therapy and deep tissue massage, using a special blend of essential oils to amplify the healing effects of warm oil therapy.

It is said to enhances our body’s inner well-being with the feeling of total relaxation.

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I was there at Amante Kepong, located just opposite the AEON Metro Prima Keponhg… and was assigned to an Indonesian lady therapist, Rhini..

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After being served a nice cup of hot sweet ginger tea, I was brought to the treatment room and told to change into the disposable underwear and towel..


My therapist then began with a warm towel to clean up any sweat,  and dirt on my back, before she began applying warmed oil on my body beginning with my right leg.. this is then followed with my left leg, right arm, left arm and back…


She then alternated rubbing my body with her hands and some warm pebbles/stones, promoting blood flow stimulation that also promotes muscle relaxation, I am sure I do not have to tell you again how beneficial good blood flow circulation and muscle relaxation can be..

Rhini, my therapist found some small knots or blood clots on me and did her best to release it with her massage techniques. When massaging the parts that are “clotted” it can be slightly more painful then the norm.. but it needs to be done if you do not want the blood clots to stay put…

Anyway, Amante offers high quality, customised, affordable wellness and beauty treatments for both men and women in a relaxing atmosphere. Bring your boyfie/girl or hubby/wife or even mom here for a nice massage too, and take some quality time to catch up and bond with your loved ones in  their specially designed couple rooms.


So why did I choose Amante’s Signature Warm Oil Therapy:
1. This is to reduce my backaches and stiff neck and shoulders..
2. It is also recommended for relieving muscular pain and tension..
3. Amante’s Signature Warm Oil Therapy promotes healing…
4. I find myself overwhelmed with stress sometimes and this treatment helps alleviates stress..
5. It helps improves sleep…
6. It is suppose to be great for reducing depression..
7. When getting massaged, any toxins and blood clot will be release and diminish….
8. I find myself always feeling more fresher after a massage because it improves blood circulation
9. Last and not least, the Amante’s Signature Warm Oil Therapy can calms our psyche…


Amante is your one-stop wellness centre where you can frequently heal, relax and rejuvenate.

By the way, for this Oct, Amante is having a promotion – Buy 1 RM59 Signature Warm Oil Therapy and Get 1 Free Dark Circle Eye Treatment… and I think I am so going to need that.. now to book my appointment again, what are you waiting for…

For more info, check out or on Facebook and Instagram: Amante Wellness Beauty

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