Cré Arts Asia’s Gala Night

What I heard of from Cre, and what I witnessed on the Gala night was really two different things… Yes, I had expected gravity defying acts and entertainment from the promise of skilful performers… I had expected some pyrotechnics but the reality was a whole new ‘adventure’ … It certainly was an amazing feast for the senses…


Cre Arts Asia is South-East Asia’s largest modern circus troupe and a collaboration between two Malaysian performing art studios – Viva Circus and Psycusix.

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Cré tells the story and showcase the beauty of Mother Earth, using the natural elements of air, water, earth and fire through the use of the human body as a medium.

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Throughout the course of the breathtaking performance, my husband and I were mesmerized with the nail biting aerial acrobatics, contortions, mesmerising dance performances and much more… and it was definitely amazing that the whole set and costumes were just perfect…

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Even we adults were enthralled by the ‘under the sea’ scene with floating jelly fishes, mermaids and all those bubbles…

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…as well as the fun and quirky pirates performance, as well as all the other performance that came after…

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I guess men would have love to imagine themselves in place of the ‘hero’ when he got tied up by all those sexy domineering women….

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And that willow tree or is it mother nature costume impressed me loads…

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Overall, the backdrops, lightings and music were just perfect in making us feel like we had been sucked into a fantastical world, a world that is created by fantasy and surreal.

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It was truly amazing seeing the performers shine and how a human body can be trained to do things. I am told that these performers have won several international awards and performed at renowned venues worldwide!

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It was disappointing that the show only lasted 3 days as it is just so good I really wanted more… and I really hope that they will bring back the show as well as the performers again….

So keep your eyes and ears out, I swear you really do not want to miss this… and even though there are no clowns, or performing animals, this modern circus show definitely deserves a five star rating anytime…

For more news, details and hopefully future news that they will bring the show back soon… check out…

5 thoughts on “Cré Arts Asia’s Gala Night

  1. great show and good time with friends to see this show. It’s at night so my vision not so good didn’t apply for this. Plus I need to drive n waze lol… so better stay home.


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