Japanese cuisine is one of my favorite, as I always think it fresh, delicious and healthy… and I can never say no to a good Japanese meal..


Recently, I was invited to the Sango Japanese Restaurant, which is located at level 2 of the Crystal Crown Hotel in Petaling Jaya Selangor.. and I was like dang, why have I never been here before…

I am such a ‘katak bawah tempurung’ / ‘frog under the coconut shell’, sometimes… you see, this pork-free restaurant has been around Malaysia for quite a while, almost the same age as my eldest daughter – 22 years old… and is well known for sumptuous and value for money Japanese dishes…

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Stepping into this kinda old but yet pretty homey restaurant decorated with wood and dark lacquer finish. Actually, if it was not for the local staff, I could have imagined myself in one of the old restaurants in Japan itself…


The restaurant serves up some pretty good sushi , donburi, tempura , soba, udon, shabu- shabu and so on . I am sure any Japanese food lovers will enjoy their very generous selection of set menus perfect for a quick lunch.

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The restaurant is definitely laid back and comfortable… and you can choose from a variety of seatings, like in front of the teppanyaki grill, or at the sushi bar, tatami style seats and also normal restaurant seating.

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On my visit there at this lovely homey restaurant other fellow blogger friends, we got to indulge in their Donburi set lunch , where there were 9 different bowls to choose from…

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Then we had some Caterpillar Maki… wonder if the butterfly has grown in my stomach… hahahaha… then there was the enjoyable Dragon Maki…

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The shabu shabu was pretty mouth watering with Shoyu, Kimchi and Gom sauce…and a selection of chicken, beef or lamb

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I have to say I really love the Wagyu Tobanyaki … You just lightly sear the wagyu meat after dipping it in the sauces on the hot ceramic plate that is served over charcoals and indulge… it is so yummy…


The Tempura Soba was really good..


I loved the Asari Butteryaki as well… as they came served with plenty of garlic and butter…


Then we also had some Gyu Tatako Truffled Ponzu.. which was a dish of thinly sliced rare beef with truffled citrus sauces and it was really orgasmicly good…


Another favorite of mine is the Shake Chan Cha Yaki, the Salmon Hotpot set… the soup if just so delicious.. and I almost could not stop eating it…The set comes with rice, miso soup, some salad, California Maki and fruit pieces…

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And delicious Seafood Teppanyaki fried rice…


The Sango Bento is a bento box that comes with fresh Sashimi, Teppanyaki Salmon, Crispy Chicken Karaage, Cha Soba and California Maki..


My daughter love the Yaki Gyoza


And last but not least… I have to say the Ika Ichayaboshi is also delicious… heheheh….


So would I come back here for more food.. you betcha… the food has been beautifully prepared and even my daughter, my partner in crime enjoyed it to the maximum and I think the price is just good value for money…

Address – Sango Japanese Restaurant, 2nd Floor, Crystal Crown Hotel, 12 Lorong Utara A, Off Jalan Utara, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Tel: 03-7958 5228

Time: 11am-2.30pm for lunch and 5pm-10.30pm for dinner.

Special thanks to …
Mr Andrew from Sango Japanese Restaurant 
Racheal from Foodilifecious


  1. I’m a big fan of Japanese cuisine! I would love to try out the shake Chan cha yaki. It looks so good 😍 Guess I know where to have my dinner tonight


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