Aunty Rozy’s Kitchen, Putrajaya

When I was over at Putrajaya the other day, we decided to check out Aunty Rozy’s Kitchen,  which was located at the Suria Mall/ Dorsett Putrajaya Hotel building in Presint 3…


Aunty Rozy’s Kitchen is a Malaysian restaurant serving Malaysian favourites like Malay styled Nasi Kandar, Fried chicken, Malay home-styled food, noodles, a variety of fried rice and noodles, Western and Thai/Chinese dishes.

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It is pretty comfy and just a simple little restaurant that serves reasonably good food.. and they even have a smoking area, so for those who smoke…. hahah…..


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They have a pretty reasonable Malay Nasi Kandar set which is priced from RM8.00- consisting of white rice, mixed curry gravy, dish of your choice, vegetable, acar and papadoms…


We had some.. Ayam Goreng/ Fried Chicken


Sotong masak lemak Kunyit/ Coconut Milk Tumeric Squid


Daging hitam/ Beef Curry


Kari Kambing/ mutton curry


Telur Masin/ Salted Duck Egg


Sayur/ Vegetables


and…  for refreshments, some air kedondong asam boi/  Ambarella/ Amra Juice with Sour Plum.. ok.. a word of warning.. please tell them to go easy on the sugar if you are not a sweet drinker, as it can be overwhelmingly sweet… I don’t know about you, but many places in Malaysia seem to serve overwhelmingly sweet drinks….


I cannot say that this is the best meal I have had, but it was a pleasant and nice meal which I won’t mind going back for again. I loved the beef, the fried chicken and yes, that squid…

Aunty Rozy herself is also very warm and friendly as to be expected…


Before I leave.. let me leave you a picture that.. err.. what was it said.. make some of those fan girls ovaries burst, or something… good looking macho celebrities doing the Baby Shark Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo song to entertain a friend’s babies… ok bye… muaaahhkks hehehe… tolong jangan kecam saya / Please don’t send me any death threats… hahahah

Address- Suria Mall/Dorsett Putrajaya hotel, Presint 3, 62100 Putrajaya







9 thoughts on “Aunty Rozy’s Kitchen, Putrajaya

  1. I’m a fan of Malay food. I work in Putrajaya and always dont know where to look for food. Thank you for your sharing. Will bring my Malay colleagues to try out this place this coming week.


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