Vietjet Catwalks at Tan Son Nhat Airport

The Tan Son Nhat International Airport in Vietnam was recently awash with a vivid display of colour as Vietjet transformed the airport into a fashion runway in celebration of Vietnamese Women’s Day, the first time a catwalk performance was held there.


The new-aged budget carrier launched a series of activities to commemorate the special day, which is celebrated biannually in Vietnam, including the special catwalk displaying ten impressive traditional Ao Dai dresses by well-known fashion designer Thuan Viet. Passengers on board flight VJ126 from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi also had the exclusive privilege of enjoying the catwalk up-close as Vietjet took the performance to the skies.

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The collection of Ao Dai dresses which incorporates popular Vietnamese myths such as Tam Cam, Son Tinh-Thuy Tinh and Au Co Lac Long Quan were specially hand-drawn by designer Thuan Viet himself. Vietnamese supermodel Vo Hoang Yen ruled the catwalk alongside Vietjet’s team of models to beautifully showcase the collection which was created using 3D printing techniques.


As part of the celebration, passengers – particularly women on board Vietjet flights on 20 October were also treated to exclusive gifts and vouchers including cosmetics from leading American skincare brand, Murad.


Vietjet also gave passengers a chance to win other valuable prizes through a lucky draw conducted on board the flights.


Known for its quirky ideas and in-flight performances, Vietjet continues to bring passengers unique experiences to enhance their travel journey. To be part of Vietjet’s fun and unusual travel experience, visit


8 thoughts on “Vietjet Catwalks at Tan Son Nhat Airport

  1. This is so amazingly beautiful! I love how they can take something like travelling and turn it into a beautiful celebration of culture and color. Wish this would happen when I’m travelling!!


  2. They are all beautiful in there colorful outfits. It sounds so awesome to celebrate the culture like this. and it’s pretty cool that all the passengers treated and receive an exclusive gift and vouchers. I wish that it would happen to me when I’m traveling.


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