Tanjung Tuan Lighthouse and Supai Fort…

It is always fun going on a FAM trip because, we get to learn so much about an area or state.. and the FAM trip with Colours of Lives Travelogue Malaysia was no different. It was an opportunity to get closer to acquaintances, and make new friends with those we barely knew… and when the end of the trip came, we ended up missing moments spent with each other…


Anyway, among the first stops we made on our Colours of Lives Travelogue Malaysia- Melaka edition was at the Tanjung Tuan or Cape Rachado (as named by the Portuguese, which translated means ‘Broken Cape’) … We were here at this interesting place which is adjacent to the town of Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan but which is under Melaka State…


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I read somewhere that the coastal area off the cape is famous as the site of the Battle of Cape Rachado back in 1600s, between the Dutch and Portuguese fleets.


We arrived at the lighthouse area and climbed some 30 steps… I think… I did not really count, and am just guessing to the gate of the lighthouse. On normal days, the lighthouse is not opened to normal walk in visitors. However, visits can be arranged with the Jabatan Laut Malaysia for groups or those wanting to learn more about this beautiful lighthouse…


Anyway the place is a bit confusing as it was said that the Portuguese did build a lighthouse there… but it was damaged beyond repair in the wars that occurred.. The current lighthouse here at Tanjung Tuan is just about 200 years old, and said to be built in 1817, and is the oldest working lighthouse in the country..

It is also said that Parameswara, the first sultan of Melaka was buried here at Tanjung Tuan.


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There is a mini museum/exhibition room as well as another room where all the back up lightings in case of emergencies…


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The Tanjung Tuan lighthouse tower is 24 meters (79 feet) tall and it sure was a rare treat getting to climb the spiral stairway up to the top.. about 60 steps, estimate, and up another flight of steep ladder type staircase to get rewarded by an amazingly breathtaking 360 degrees view  of the surroundings…

Address – Cape Rachado, Alor Gajah District, Melaka

Supai Fort, Kuala Linggi


After we finished at the Tanjung Tuan/ Cape Rachado lighthouse, it was about a half hour drive or about 22 km… I think.. to our next destination, the Supai Fort, at Kuala Linggi…


To get to the fort, we had to go through a raised stilted walkway built by the district council of Alor Gajah, and pass by the Kota Supai Floating Seafood restaurant there too, the restaurant was closed as we were there during high noon…


..but we could see a lady picking worms at the estuary beach area and soldiers taking their leisure time fishing there…

After a short war back in 1757, the Dutch and the Bugis agreed to build Kuala Linggi Fort as a gesture of reconciliation.


The Supai Fort was strategic and it marked the northernmost point of the Dutch sphere of influence, where Melaka state borders Negeri Sembilan, and it also allowed the Dutch to monitor and control all ship movements on the Linggi River and this stretch of the Straits.

The fort was said to be manned by a company of mercenaries, known as sepoys, who were brought in from India, which is probably where the name ‘Supai’ came from, and supported by a few Dutch soldiers. However, the arrangement with the Bugis did not last long and the Dutch abandoned the fort soon after its completion.


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After two hundred and fifty over years later, you can find the original red laterite stone walls remain marking the perimeter of the old fort as well as some newer cannons there…


It can be a treat climbing up the ancient wall full of reeds blowing in the wind and looking out towards the panoramic view of the sea and of any ships passing by or coming in… But even looking at the dancing reeds can be pretty fascinating all on its own…

Address – Jalan Kampung Teluk Perun, Kampung Kuala Linggi, Kuala Sungai Baru, Melaka

Overall, I am truly fascinated by these discoveries, being a huge fan of historical places… and would recommend it to all…

Colours of Lives Travelogue Malaysia is organised by Borakkita.com, and supported by Tourism Malaysia.

Special thanks to Tourism Malaysia Melaka for accompanying us, and also thanks to Perodua Malaysia,Plus, Touch n’Go, Marini Naturale Magic, FZ by Ayana, 888tea for being our sponsors and believing in us…

5 thoughts on “Tanjung Tuan Lighthouse and Supai Fort…

  1. Great post! I like visiting museum and to know more about their history. I’ve been to Melaka but haven’t not to Tanjung Tuan. I’m adding this to my travel itinerary the next time I visit Melaka.


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