If you do not know it, the Peranakans are descendants of 15th & 16th century traders and merchants from China who intermarried with the local and Indonesian women. Their Sino-indigenous unions along the Straits Settlement produced a community blessed with a rich hybrid of Chinese and Malay traditions, with a touch of English and Indonesian influence. They address themselves as BabaNyonya; Baba being the term for men while Nyonya for women; however you would call the Matriach, an elderly lady Bibik, out of respect..


Big Nyonya (formerly known as Kenny’s Delight) is owned and operated by none other than the famous celebrity chef and local comedian Datuk Kenny Chan, best known as Bibik from the local sitcom Baba Nyonya, a popular TV show during the 1990’s being a 7th generation true-blue Baba himself…

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Datuk Kenny brings his unique heritage and authentic Nyonya cuisine to his restaurant where you can indulge your senses and tastebuds in the very unique blend of Chinese-Malay culinary traditions, made with a range of indigenous herbs and spices that add more flavor, aroma, and texture to every dish at the Big Nyonya Restaurant, Melaka.

So we were over there with the officers of Tourism Malaysia Melaka, and Tourism Malaysia and what a mind blowing feast it was for all of us from the team of the Colours of Lives Travelogue….

The first thing we got to try was their Sour Plum juice –RM5.50, that came with a piece of assam boi… it sure was refreshing and such  a delight on a hot day…it comes without additional sugar, which was perfect as the assam boi was sweet enough and this was a joy unlike many other places which serve it over sweet ..


The Telur Cincalok –RM12 for regular /RM22 for large, was pretty good… Now if you know cincalok, which is a fermented shrimp paste famous in Melaka, you will know it is quite a strong and kinda pungent condiment, but here, it was really so yummy… as it is mild and suited for newbies trying out cincalok and also the kiddies…


Kangkong Belacan –RM14 for regular /RM24 for large, is basically Stir fried Kangkong in dried shrimp paste chili paste… heavenly for belacan lovers…and I for one enjoyed it a lot..


Chicken Buah Keluak –RM25 for regular /RM45 for large, consist of generous chicken pieces braised with keluak nuts – an acquired flavour but full of anitioxidants and taste…and the result of this, you get a unique and robust chicken dish you won’t easily forget…


Udang Lemak Nanas –RM38 for regular /RM60 for large, was pretty unique.. I did not quite understand/or “cannot quite brain” how a strange combination of prawns, pineapple and coconut milk can taste so delicious, but it really was finger licking good…and not just because you have to peel the prawn shells and lick the juices from your fingers..


Gerang Assam Fish –RM48 for regular /RM70 for large, is basically steamed fish in some pretty mouth watering tamarind gravy with brinjals and okra… assam pedas- nyonya style… om nom nom…


Nyonya Chicken Roll –RM10 for regular /RM15 for large, is a combination of minced chicken and prawns along with water chestnut, carrots and onions steeped with Chinese spices and rolled in a beancurd skin.. it is steamed before being deep fried.. and taste amazing with the special chili sauce that accompanies it..


The Nyonya Cendol is really good. Now to be honest, I am not particularly fond of cendol but I really love the taste of this with the soft cendol jelly, the mushy red beans very much. And it comes with fragrant Gula Melaka with enough coconut milk taste… sheer orgasmic… I also made my influencer friends taste it in front of me to watch their expressions and both of them said it was great…


So with great food, great company and with Datuk Kenny aka Bibik around, how can my meal here at Big Nyonya be any less then sheer perfection….

Address – No. 33 & 33A, Jalan Merdeka, Taman Melaka Raya, Malaysia.
Tel – 06-286 3536

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Colours of Lives Travelogue Malaysia is organised by, and supported by Tourism Malaysia.

Special thanks to Tourism Malaysia Melaka for accompanying us, and also thanks to Perodua MalaysiaPlusTouch n’GoMarini Naturale MagicFZ by Ayana888tea for being our sponsors and believing in us…


  1. I love Nyonya cuisine and try to eat that when in Melaka or Penang. although they differ. I have not been to Big Nyonya before but will put this in my bucket list next time.


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