Jeju Island, Korea for Malaysians…

The Jeju Special Self-Governing Province recently held a joint tourism presentation in Malaysia between 27 Oct (Fri) and 28 Oct (Sat) in conjunction with the launch of direct flight from Kuala Lumpur to Jeju Island operated by Air Asia X with the inaugural flight in December this year.


With the AirAsia X’s flying direct between Kuala Lumpur-Jeju starting from December 2017, Jeju is being promoted in order to achieve the market expansion of the Jeju tourist in Southeast Asia through the booming tourism in Malaysia and support the market entry of Jeju tourism industry.

I know I would dearly love to visit Jeju one fine day.. and pray I get a chance to.. However, this little peek can open our eyes to the amazing possibilities Jeju has to offer…


Mr. Lee Seung Chan, the Director General of Tourism Bureau of Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, together with Korea Airports Corporation Jeju international Airport, Jeju Tourism Organization, Jeju Special Tourism Self-Governing Provincial Tourism Association and 15 domestic businesses (6 travel agencies, 7 tourist attractions, 1 golf course, 1 integrated resort) participated and shared with members of the media and others about what Jeju was about.


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Members of the media were briefed with useful information for individual tourists, including access to the tourist attractions via new upgrades system of public transportation in Jeju Island with the free Wi-Fi on board and at bus stops.


Jeju island touted to be the Hawaii of South Korea is famous for wondrous waterfalls, white sand beaches and a dormant volcano which also happens to be South Korea’s highest mountain, smack right at the center of the island. Everything in Jeju is a natural wonder and it is no surprise how Jeju was considered one of the 7 new wonders of the world. Jeju was created entirely from volcanic eruptions more than 2 million years ago! And it is now three times the size of Seoul..

Even just writing about it make me long for the chance to visit this magnificent island.. so pray for me ya…that I get my chance and soon…

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Anyway, members of the media were also treated to a breathtaking performance (The Painters Hero) which left them all amazed…  and also given a chance to try on the hanbok..

Facebook: Jeju Tourism Organization


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