Burger & Lobster Restaurant, Sky Avenue, Resorts World Genting

Yours truly has walked passed the Burger & Lobster Restaurant in Sky Avenue at Resorts World Genting countless times but had never have the opportunity to step into the 3,5000 sq feet of Burger & Lobster heaven…


In case you do not know it, Burger & Lobster was originally from England, and it has been brought all the way to the ritzy Sky Avenue in Resorts World Genting so that we Malaysians and those who visit Resorts World Genting can indulge their tastebuds here as well…


fresh succulent juicy lobsters from Nova Scotia

Just for a moment, close your eyes for a moment and imagine eating wild live lobsters which are around 650-700 gm caught from the waters of Nova Scotia, Canada, flown to KL and served fresh right in front of you… Better still, don’t simply just imagine, instead, head over there to experience for yourself! The live lobsters are all ordered and delivered on a weekly basis..


On the other hand, the burger patties are made with 100 percent Australian beef which will then be served between some sesame seeded brioche with grilled meat, cheese, salad, tomato, onions as well as some pickles and Burger & Lobster’s secret sauce…


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So basically the restaurant is pretty simple yet classy in a unique way.. the restaurant ‘wall’ separating the restaurant and the mall outside, is made from bamboo lobster traps, I think there are about a hundred or so of those traditional bamboo lobster traps used by the fishermen of Nova Scotia…

The furnishing is basically a combination of oak wood, Portuguese ceramic tiles and soft lighting, emitting a romantic or well, at least a calming ambience, to those who dines there…


Partner in crime Jaslin Puasa


Left to right- Jaslin Puasa , Neysa Assila, Afifah Nasir and Hafreez Adam

Yours truly was lucky to be invited there by some celebrity and influencer friends and it was definitely a check off the bucket list/wish list..


The menu is very simple.. with only two delicacies here: burgers and lobsters in 9 different styles…

We had a few different dishes to share and savour between the six of us..


The Chilli Lobster is definitely highly recommended… it is specially created and only available at Genting Highlands. The sauce is spicy and oh so good…  You can not resist this.. unless you have low tolerance for spicy food as this meal is served with slightly toasted brioche slices which you can dip into the gravy… and you will find it hard to stop at one… I had to check myself and remind myself I was with my friends and not act too greedy and gobble everything up… lol


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The Lobster Rolls are available in three different sauces: The Chilli, The Original (with Japanese mayonnaise) and Seven Samurai (with seven spices sauce). All their rolls are served chilled in their signature toasted brioche roll and comes with a side of fries and salad as well.

The Lobster Rolls are well worth the money you pay as they are practically stuffed to the brim with fresh juicy lobster meat.. and the combination of the slightly crispy buttery roll and lobster meat is pretty satisfying…


Another way you can enjoy the lobsters at their most original flavor, The Original – available steamed or grilled… We had the grilled version which is highly recommended. They are served with a choice of clarified butter or B&L’s famous lemon & garlic butter according to your liking.

You have to try the B&L Burger which is a massive 168g burger topped with lobster – pretty much a surf-and-turf in the form of a burger which is perfectly cooked to a medium as requested (with the help of meat thermometer) and there was almost half a lobster worth of meat as well. When the best of both worlds come together, you can expect nothing an orgasmic experience.


this is just 1/4 of the burger…

We also got to try the Original burger which is even more huge with 224g burger made from Australian beef… I think this one is perfect for the family member that does not want to eat too much lobsters or maybe allergic to crustaceans.. I tried it and yes, I do like it too… it is definitely satisfying..

The burgers come served with a little pot of French fries and a little pot of salad…


Overall, the food is super good and made more perfect with the awesome people in my company..  If you are asking me if I enjoy it here, it is a yes, yes and yes, so wanting to come back again… In fact some of our celebrity friends went back for another round for lunch the day after we had our dinner here… that is how irresistible and delicious the food is…


9 thoughts on “Burger & Lobster Restaurant, Sky Avenue, Resorts World Genting

  1. I’ll be going Genting for justice league this weekend. Definitely will go try this great restaurant. Thank you for your sharing. Love the way u write and your pictures looks very tempting too.


  2. The lobsters are seriously huge, Like you, I have walked past countless times and the queue has always put me off from dining there. Well, my time will come, I hope! Yummy!


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