DC Comics Superheroes cafe, Sky Avenue

The DC Comics Superheroes cafe is located at the corner shop lot on the 3rd floor of the Sky Avenue at Resorts World Genting..

Stepping into the DC Comics Superheroes café is like immersing yourself into the colourful and fantasy world of super heroes and villains especially with Superman, Green Lantern and Joker in the corner…

My celebrity and influencer friends and I were here to indulge our tastebuds in what was the new Justice League Movie Menu..

The new menu offers old and new dishes such as the Man of Steel, Fit for a King, Amazonian Power Wrap, The Dark Knight, Cyborg Fusilli and Scarlet Speedster

Since there were 5 of us at the table, we ordered decided to order all of the menu.. but they did not have the Fit for the King dish, so we ordered the other 5 dishes…

And so here they are…


We had the Man of Steel RM38, a generous thick and juicy beef patty with melted cheese in between a fluffy brioche bun with golden onion rings, gherkin pickles, tomato slices and green coral salad…this one is pretty filling for sure….


Then there is the Amazonian Power Wrap RM33, a juicy chicken ballotine with turkey ham, celery and carrot sticks drizzled with bbq sauce and underneath the chicken ballotine , you can find som yummy mash potatoes with sautéed vegetables on the side…the dish comes with some nancho crisps…


The Dark Knight RM33, is a charcoal Hawaiian pizza with smoked duck breast, diced onions, cherry tomatoes, cubed pineapples and green pepper and with melted mozzarella cheese all over it… I think I like this best… hahahaha


The Cyborg Fusilli RM31 is delicious fusilli pasta made with diced sausages, cherry tomatoes, mixed peppers and the lovely actress Afifah Nasir said this was her favorite…


Last but not least is the Scarlet Speedster RM28, a durian cheesecake on top of a generous pancake topped with vanilla ice cream with some fruit cocktail and nuts… we all had a little bit of it… and it finished pretty fast…. Hahah….

Frankly, the food was quite yummy… and it is pretty reasonably priced considering that the dishes came with a choice of an ice lemon mint tea or a glass of iced lychee…

So while we are in the season of super heroes and the Justice League, get into the mood and go have yourself one of the Justice League set menu served up at the DC Comics Superheroes Café at the Sky Avenue, Pavilion or other DC Comics Superheroes Café..



They also have a pop up store outside the cafe where you can buy your favorite DC Comic Superhero at a discounted price, take some pictures with the character lifesized figurines or meet cosplay Justice League characters….


Level 3, T2B-06, SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting

Facebook: www.facebook.com/dccomicssuperheroesmalaysia

15 thoughts on “DC Comics Superheroes cafe, Sky Avenue

  1. I love this DC Comics Superheroes cafe, Sky Avenue so beautiful and wonderful place. So many interesting foods, My family will enjoy this kind of beautiful place.


  2. Once my son starts to have interest in superheroes then this will be my next visit with the family! I love the idea of this café. Brilliant!


  3. Although I am not a huge fan of DC comic characters, I love this cafe for its menu, where the food crafted are related to its theme. I simply adore them for the photographic values and don’t care about their tastes. LOL


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