Every now and then, life has a tendency to play hardball and give us a hard time or two.. And it can definitely be pretty stressful.. but, being someone determined to stay positive and believing that we can do our best to make our lives as happy as we can, I jumped at the chance when some friends invited me up to Resorts World Genting.. Our little group drove up there in 3 cars..


We parked the cars at the hotel car park and then headed to Sky Avenue first where we had some Justice League meals there at the DC Comics Superheroes Café.. Yup, they had some nice old and new menu put together especially for the Justice League mania we are currently undergoing with the new movie being released… For more of this, do read HERE


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After our meal, we headed to the Theme Park Hotel where we checked in… Neyssa and me were room mates for this with the adjoining room being occupied by the lovely actress Afifah Nasir…

We had a bed to ourselves since it was a generous room with 3 queen beds… called the Sixers… and yes, in case you are wondering, it does fit 6 people and is ideal for a group of friends or a medium family…

The beautiful hotel is ideal for families and is the closest hotel to the Twentieth Century Fox World Theme Park once it opens…

The hotel is playful and fun, and the beds are very cosy and nice and well, this is not the first time I am here, so if you want to read more on the room, here is my previous review HERE


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Once we settled down, we took the Glass Floor cable car down the Awana SkyWay to the Genting Highlands Premium Outlet to do some window shopping/ shopping… Being in the glass floor cable car was exciting for sure.. and thrilling since we got to see what was happening below our feet, the lush green views of the Titiwangsa range and also part of the 130 million years old of rainforest we have here in Malaysia etc…


There are about 99 cable cars which can carry as many as 3,000 passengers every hour from the Awana station to the Sky Avenue station at the height of 620 metres.. Did you know that wih the speed of 6 metres per second, the 2.8 km journey only takes 10 minutes…

What I know is when Twentieth Century Fox World Theme Park opens in the near future it would definitely be a mesmerizing view to see from the cable car as well…especially the ones with the glass floors…

And psst.. if you need to charge your phone, there are two USB ports in the gondolas that enables you to charge your smartphones… hehehe


Yeah… there are so much to see, and get there… I got myself a nice pair of Clarks wedges for just RM60 and found many great deals.. I can see my friends buying a few stuff from a few shops…


Once we were done, we took a glass floor gondola up the skyway again to Sky Avenue..  to the SkySymphony show area to watch the Kinetic Balls and screen come to life and tell their interesting stories with music and the Kinetic Balls mesmerizing 360 degrees showcase, one that will ‘wow’ anyone watching for sure…


The SkySymphony is the biggest multimedia show in Asia combining LED screens and 1001 kinetic balls and it showcases 3 different stories.. The Forest, Urban Symphony and The Goddess… My personal favourite would be the Forest..


We then headed to Burgers and Lobsters for a great meal of fresh Nova Scotia lobsters and Burgers of course… to read more about out it, check it out HERE


We then headed back to the hotel after dinner to rest before going out to wander around SkyAvenue..

The SkyAvenue has just so much to offer at its 1,434 million sq ft of gross floor area.. so plenty of brands and plenty of all kinds of delicious food can be found here in specialty restaurants brought in from all over the world…


We ended up at Motorino for supper… and indulged our tastebuds and tummy to yummy pizzas and appetizers… Motorino at Resorts World Genting will definitely satisfy any pizza cravings you have with authentic pizza straight out of Naples, Italy.. Your pizza is prepared and cooked in a special wood-fired oven at 800-900 degrees Fahrenheit in just about 60 to 90 seconds.


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And you will get a soft and chewy pizza, thanks to a specific finely milled pure wheat flour with no additives… Yup, since the restaurant was not busy, we even got a chance ‘trying’ to make our pizza in the wood-fired built in oven…

We had the Motorino’s Meatballs RM25, Fried Calamari RM28, Lamb Sausage Calzone RM58, Egg Bacon and Chilli pizza RM52 and the Amatriciana RM49


The Motorino’s Meatballs were basically 3 generous chicken meatballs braised in tomato sauce, pecorino and some basil… and they were pretty yummy and filling..


The Fried Calamari was most people’s favourite, prepared with basil, lemon, chilli and parsley… slightly tangy yet crispy and chewy….


The egg bacon and chilli pizza was interesting with sunny side up eggs on the pizza, pecorino, mozzarella, beef bacon, basil and extra virgin olive oiled drizzled on the pizza…


The Lamb Sausage Calzone was unique with eggplants, lamb sausages, mozzarella, oregano, garlic and extra virgin olive oil in the creation of this yummy pizza… I was so stuffed by then I just had a few bites of this…


The Amatriciana is delicious, since I had it before on a previous visit to Motorino here at the Resorts World Genting and it definitely delighted my tastebuds all over again with its combination of tomato sauce, mozzarella,scallions, pecorino, birds eye chilli and minced chicken…definitely sumptuous… but I was just sooooo full by then.. and with the time being way past my bed time, I was also adjusting to become a ‘stuffed python’ wanting to just coil up and sleep it all off much to my companions amusement..

From Motorino, we headed back to the hotel where we rested our weary and well sated bodies…


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Next morning, we headed down to Eatopia which was located at the lobby area for breakfast. We had some of the nasi lemak there which was really yummy… However, if you do now want to have nasi lemak, you can also decide to have some bread, pastries, sandwiches, bagles, fruits, muesli etc…

There are plenty of choices… and besides that if you are feeling peckish, there are vending machines vending snacks and instant noodle cups at every floor of the hotel I think…. You can even use Touch n Go to pay for it…

We had our breakfast and then took a little stroll to the English /Talking Garden which is located just behind the hotel. The garden is just so picturesque and pretty.. and the reason why it is called the Talking Garden is because if you download the app, you can actually learn a lot of things about the garden and plants and surroundings..


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From there, we headed back to the Awana Skyway and took a glass floor gondola to the Chin Swee Temple stop. Our trip just took about err… 4- 5 minutes I think… we got down at the station and took the covered escalators all 8 of them all the way down to the magnificent Chin Swee Temple where we had just so much fun posing and taking pictures at every corner despite the drizzle… The Chin Swee Temple is just so colourful and beautiful and what mesmerized us was the giant 15 metre high Buddha peacefully sitting wedged between the jungle canopy of the hills… and of course, the ten chamber of hells serves as a stern reminder of what can happen if we do too much evil on earth…

Once we were done, we headed back up with the tickets we had/ yup, you do not have to buy another ticket to get back to the top or to go to the Awana if you stopped here at the Chin Swee Temple..


For your info, the glass floor cable car cost RM50 per person, but it is good to take a ride in one and drink in the magnificent sights and all… or if not, then take the normal cable car/gondola for just RM8 per person….

From there, we headed back to our hotel, freshened up, collect our luggages/bags and then checked out, marking the end of our brief little escapade from the humdrum life we lead… feeling more rejuvenated, happy and excited… partly from the holiday and  the experience we had and also the company we kept…

Thanks Jaslin Puasa, Neyssa Assila, Afifah Nasir, Hafreez Adam, Aizul Marcello, Lynda Roslan, Dheqa, Yaya, Isaac for the awesome and fun company, for being my models here and also for some of the photos used here…

And well, thanks to Resorts World Genting for hosting us.. it is just so much to do up there and the weather is so cool and refreshing, a short break there is affordable, plenty of fun and yes, highly recommended…

For more info, do check out www.rwgenting.com


  1. This such an amazing place and wonderful experience! The place is really amazing and the foods are tempting. The perfect destination for a vacation. Will put this on my bucket list.


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