A friend from Tourism Malaysia was just telling me about the UK Farm, when my editor from placed it in our Colours of Lives Travelogue Malaysia – Northern Johor  itinerary… I was telling my team members how I long to take a selfie with a goat or carry a kid.. and everyone was laughing and teasing me but well… I got it.. hahaha


Hmm… UK farm… we were pondering on why there was such a place called UK here in Malaysia… but well… the farms is actually operated by the owner, whose name is Mr Goh Un Keng, which is the ‘UK’ behind it… not United Kingdom…


UK farm is said to be Malaysia’s largest goat and sheep farm, with 100 acres of grazing land for around 4000 sheep. The road into the farm was kinda challenging with potholes and bumps but Mr Goh told us that the authorities have promised to rectify the situation in the coming months…

Here at UK Agro Resort, visitors can actually experience an authentic and memorable farm experience coupled with all the modern techniques involved modern day farming…


Our visit began with lunch… I eat mutton sometimes, but since we were in a goat farm, I just did not think it was nice to eat and then play with goats.. it did kinda felt barbaric, like toying with our food.. and errr… my conscience  would not allow it… and I opted to go mutton free… but someone on my team coaxed me into trying some.. saying it tasted good and was like beef… and so I took a bite, for his efforts… and yes, it was really good..

Our menu was basically…. some Rendang Mutton, Chicken with Soya Sauce, Stir Fried Prawns, Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet, Cuttle Fish with sambal, Omelette, UK Farm Organic Vegetable, White Rice, passion fruit juice… all yummy…

The food served at the restaurant here is definitely delicious and Mr Goh was a great host… who reminded and inspired us that he only finished school at Standard 5, but with hard work and passion, he made his own success…


Once he had briefed us over what happened around the UK Agro Resort and farm, he then personally acted as our tour guide led us around the farm on a little tour beginning with the ‘goat canteen’ or visit feedstock processing factory, where hay and goat food were prepared…

Surprisingly you can rarely find any flies and mosquitoes here at the farm and it is very clean and well maintained by the staff… the secret lies in Mr Goh training and keeping some of those swallows / or the birds that make ‘bird nest’ around in the rafters.. how he trains them is a trade secret which he is willing to impart for the right price….

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Our next stop was of course, the goat enclosure.. which is musky with the smell of goats, but still clean. The goats are friendly and all used to and wanting attention… we were given milk bottles to feed the goats, as well as the opportunity to see how the goats are normally fed from the trough with rubber nipples as well….


And yes… carry the small baby kid… now that was my intention right.. and yes, I got that opportunity… yaaayy

From there, we hasten to where the nannie goats were milked and got to see them milked right in front of our eyes, before given a chance to try out the goats milk UK Farm produced…

..there are three variants, which is the original one, the chocolate flavoured one and a yogurt flavoured one.. and they actually can send it to your house also if you are interested in purchasing any…

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From here, we stopped by the Orang Asli /Jakun village and were treated to a simple village with a sample of a tiger trap, a Jakun dance and how they used their blowpipes..

Our next stop was then at the coconut place where we all quenched our thirst with a nice juicy fresh coconut before heading the hydroponic farm.. which happened to be our last stop since we had more things to do and more places to be at….


Overall, the UK Farm is indeed a great place to enjoy the vast blue sky and green land, and despite our scorching  humidity, you can actually try to pretend that you were in Australia or somewhere else on a hot Summer’s day….

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Colours of Lives Travelogue Malaysia is organised by, and supported by Tourism Malaysia.

Special thanks to Tourism Malaysia Johor for accompanying us, and also thanks to Canon MalaysiaYushaz Car RentalKaseh HQAvox StreetwearMarini Naturale Magic888tea for being our sponsors and believing in us…

6 thoughts on “UK FARM, KLUANG, JOHOR

  1. uk farm is already in wishlist. but after read ur entry make me more excited to go there. i just love the scenery of the farm. can go close with the nature and animals too. can they deliver the milk to kl too?


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