R&H Café/ Sate Maharani-authentic Johor breakfast

The R&H Café/ Sate Maharani definitely looked inviting when we arrived there for our breakfast in Muar early the 2nd morning during our Colours of Lives Travelogue Malaysia Northern Johor edition.. It was after all the place where it was recommended to come for a true authentic Johor breakfast.. and yes, an authentic Johor breakfast included errr… Satay for breakfast… I just learn about that…


So my team mates and I made our way to the long table that had been reserved for us and sat down and was given the menu, drawing some gazes and interest, which cannot be helped, since I had some good looking and some famous team mates….


There were packages of traditional kueh already on the table and we happily opened them up..

The R&H Cafe is of course, proud to be one of the cafes around that was graced by the Sultan of Johor, a fact that has been photographed, framed and placed the wall of the café…


My team mates and I were all excited and we ordered a variety of different dishes off the menu both for personal preferences as well as for photography purposes…

We had the Satay D.A.P.P RM0.80 per stick, Meatball Kampungku RM6.00, Roti Manja RM5.50, Roti  Bakar RM2.00, Kacang Pol , Super Soup RM5.50 and Tauhu Lentok RM3.50


R&H Cafe’s peanut sauce that came with the Satay D.A.P.P was rich and thick and the satay tender and well, taste like satay…hahaha… what else can I say


Tauhu Lentok (RM3) is kinda like tauhu goreng and comes with some peanut sauce but with a bit more soy sauce added making it more savoury. The taugeh on top added to the crunch of the tauhu…


I could not resist ordering the Mee Rebus Jawa RM4.00 which came with nice thick gravy


…and washed down my breakfast with their unique drink BumBle Bee RM4.50.. which is basically a longan and osmanthus flower tea drink… really refreshing…



The café is cosy, clean and comfortable and the food generous and there are so much to choose from… I would so definitely come back here for more the next time I am in Muar…

R&H Cafe (Sate Maharani)

Address -130-2 Bangunan Mara, Jalan Maharani, 84000 Muar

Colours of Lives Travelogue Malaysia is organised by Borakkita.com, and supported by Tourism Malaysia.

Special thanks to Tourism Malaysia Johor for accompanying us, and also thanks to Canon MalaysiaYushaz Car RentalKaseh HQAvox StreetwearMarini Naturale Magic888tea for being our sponsors and believing in us…

Photos here taken by Canon Mark 5 D IV by Eddy Rush /and by my Samsung S8 phone

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